How to prepare effectively for an exam in a week?

Preparing Effectively For Exams

In high school, students’ finals are the most hectic time of the year. Assignment deadlines, exams, viva, there are just so many things to prepare for in much less time. If you are an expert procrastinator like a lot of us here, you are probably searching how to prepare effectively for a high school exam in a week.

As exams come knocking on the door, we as students become desperate to find ways to pass. However, to pass, you will have to study by hook or by crook. As a student, one thing that we need to know is, only studying is not enough.

To prepare for an exam effectively, you will have to study effectively rather than just mindless skim reading. In this article, we have gathered the best strategies that are effective and will help you prepare for your finals, even if it’s just a week away. These tips will help you effectively prepare for your exam.

1) Keep your studying space clean

Before you sit down and start preparing to study for your exams, make sure the space you are considering is clean. When the space that you are studying is not clean. There are high chances are you will get distracted.

Keep your space clean
Keep your space clean.
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Having a clean space helps you keep your focus on where it is necessary. A perfect area to study would be a library. As a student library is probably the best place to prepare for your high school exam since there is nothing much that can disturb you there.

2) Get yourself a partner who is ready to study

You have probably heard everywhere on how a group study is not an effective way to study. But honestly, it ultimately depends on what kind of friends you are studying with. Preparing for a high school exam alone is pretty hard.

Get yourself a study partner.
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Having a study partner who is completely serious about studying will help you stay motivated until the end. Seeing them preparing for their exams with all their hearts will inspire you to begin too. Keep in mind about who you choose your studying partner.

3) Ready your notes for studying

If you are a significant procrastinator like me, you probably don’t have any of your notes. Trust me, that will get you in trouble. Keeping your notes ready would be a very effective thing to do before you start studying. If you don’t have your notes, ask for them with your friends.

If you think you will read it off the internet, throw that thought away from your mind. Notes that had been taken in class will help you remember whatever the teacher had told in class. If you already have study material, differentiate them based on what you know, what you don’t know, and what you have a slight idea about. That will be a significant help.

4) Go through previous year’s questions

If there is anyone who knows what you are going through, it’s your seniors. Your seniors have given the same exam before you, and they have an idea about what kind of questions that you might probably have. Ask your seniors for guidance.

Get the previous year’s questions from them. Even if the problems aren’t the same, you will have an idea about how the format of the questions will be. And if you are lucky enough, some questions might even be repeated.

5) Snack Healthy

While lays sounds to be a tasty snack for munching on when studying, it does not helps your studying in any way. When you are studying it will be better for you if you stay away from junk food.

Also, avoid caffeine and energy drinks at all costs. It may give you energy for a while, but it will drain pretty quickly too.

What can you snack on while studying?

I am pretty sure you must be wondering the same thing. When studying, it is better to eat healthy snacks like dark leafy greens, whole grains, peanut butter, milk, and seafood. If you start feeling sluggish, eat some fruits like apples and bananas. It will give you much-needed energy.

6) Take breaks

Studying for a high school exam is extremely hard. You need to study effectively, but studying effectively does not mean studying continuously without any interruption. Your mind gets tired too. And when you study with a tired mind, nothing is going to enter your brain.

Thus, take breaks. After every one hour of studying, take 10 or 15 minutes of break. It gives your brain time to process all the information that you just fed it. Get yourself some snacks to eat or see memes that are trending. Whatever break looks like to you, take it. But make sure it’s only for 15 minutes at most.

7) Keep your electronics away before getting ready to study

Before getting available to study, make sure you keep your electronics away. Electronics may mean anything from mobiles, tabs, televisions to a smartwatch. All of us know that when studying, even a white wall becomes interesting.

So electronics, where we keep getting very tempting notifications from Instagram and Facebook, can be very much distracting. Before you sit down to study, make sure you keep them away.

8) Get enough rest

Prepare effectively for an exam
Preparing effectively for an exam requires 8 hours of sleep
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Burning midnight oil during finals is a mistake that everyone does. To prepare effectively for an exam, it is essential to get as much rest as possible during exams.

When your body does not have enough rest, it cannot function properly. Therefore, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep.