How to Overcome Being Fired

how to overcome being fired

Up until the day I lost my job, I thought my life was in order. I did something I loved, I was good at it and most importantly, I thought that this would last forever. Well, I was wrong.

I should have seen it coming. The company had economic problems and for some years we worked for almost nothing. After the sale, the new management decided to close a part of the company. So, I ended without a job.

Many people say that it seems like you lose the earth under your feet, and I guess that’s right. Your profession gives you stability, both economic and emotional. So, what do you do when you lose this stability?


Take time to reflect

It is important to take time to review the last few years. You might find feelings that you did not know you had. Were you happy with your job? Maybe there were things that you did not like, for example, the working hours, or the atmosphere in the office.

For example, after I lost my job, I soon realized that I was exhausted. I was working 10 -12 hours a day and I was paid half the money I deserved. I hadn’t realized it until then, but once the adrenaline settled, my body started to react to all the years of hard work.

Knowing what went wrong is the first step in determining what you really want. Sure, it will be hard in the beginning. You might feel unworthy and unappreciated, but one thing is for sure: those feelings are just temporary.

It is important to regroup. Talk to friends and family about your feelings –consider seeing a therapist if that helps. That will help to overcome the trauma of being fired. They might also have some insight into what happened to you.

I found out that some of my friends and my partner did not like the fact that I had so little time to spend with them. Think of all the things you missed. Try to make up for lost time, doing the things you like, having fun with loved ones.

Also, find out what you want to change. For example, I soon decided that I needed a different way of working. You can focus on what is important and that affects everyone around you. I decided that it was time to have a family.

I realized that as long as I worked long hours, that would be difficult. Maybe there is truth in that old cliche: everything happens for a reason. You just have to find out what that reason is.


The end is the beginning

It might take time, but soon you will be ready for something different. You may find a new job –but this time you will have a different understanding of what you want as a professional and of what you deserve.

It might be a completely different career. You can write the novel you always wanted, or open the shop of your dreams. You can become your own boss, or dare to send your CV to that big company where you wanted to work all those years ago.

The truth is that you have nothing to lose, and a lot of time in your hands, in order to determine what is good for you and your career. If you think you need to add some skills, don’t be afraid to start a seminar or some lessons. Updating your CV also helps. You will find out that you have earned tons of experience during all those years of work.

Losing your job can be an opportunity – if you decide to look at it this way. Soon you will appreciate having work again. Most importantly, this time you can do it better.