How To Deal With People Having Personality Disorder

When you think of people having personality disorder, you often conjure up images of immature or emotionally stunned.

Research over the past couple of decades reveals that one out of five people eventually turns out to be emotionally stunned.

This means that there might be high chances of you meeting a person having personality disorder on your daily life.

The safest policy is to have no personal contact with such psychopath or immature people.

However, there will be times when you have to deal, whether it be a co-worker, or a family member you cannot.

Dealing with personality disordered people can take a toll on your psychological well-being too.

Not only that, it can also harm your career and life if you’re not careful or aware of those psychopaths.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the ways to deal with people having personality disorder to reduce some of the damage:


Keep Your Emotions in Check

Personality Disordered people hate having any boundaries, just as children. So, they will constantly try to test your ability.

If you are the child or spouse of someone who suffers from a personality disorder, it’s very likely to have weak boundaries.

They will easily manipulate you once they have made you feel powerless and defeated. So, do not allow them to back into a corner and make you feel helpless.

Instead, make yourself seems so strong enough that a personality disordered person can’t even come close to you.


Stand Your Ground

Whether you’re convinced your colleague or your family member is a psychopath, there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered at least one.

So, no matter how frustrated or upset you feel, you need to keep your emotions in check.

If you are being pressured, and you feel the need to remove yourself from a certain location from the psychopath, you can.

Just go for a walk, head to the bathroom, take some deep breaths, and regain your composer. After you feel emotionally charger, you can tolerate the psychopath more easily.


Remain Calm

Keeping your head cool is the most important thing to do when you are dealing with people having personality disorder.

They enjoy pushing your buttons. If you think getting into the drama with them will help you out, you are wrong.

Rather than reacting, prepare yourself emotionally, as they will try to get under your skin in any way possible.

Do not allow them to see that they are having any effect on you so whatever. If they see that they have hit a nerve, they will keep digging.


Don’t Buy Into Their Stories

That’s the last thing to do if you are dealing with a person having personality disorder.

These people often use long-winded tales to paint themselves as victims and often grab you into their words.

They often blame other people and refuse to take any responsibility for their wrongdoing.

So, showing any sort of sympathy to a person having personality disorder will play into their hands. Keep discussions centered on facts only.


Turn the Conversation Back on Them

You cannot have a rational conversation with someone who is extremely irrational. This is perhaps the toughest challenge for someone.

So, rather than just denying and arguing what the psychopaths are saying, you can point out his/her flaws.

When people with personality disorder blames someone else, turn the conversation back on them smartly.


Don’t Argue With Them

Under no circumstance should you argue with a person having personality disorder: you will not win at all,

They will always be right, and you will always be wrong. Psychopaths are unwilling to listen to reason and logic.

You will not get through to the, and you will only wind up frustrated. They are lulling you into a false sense of security.

The shoe will drip after they coerce you into doing, buying, or gibing them what they want. So, do not argue at all.


Build Your Mental Strength

If you can’t escape daily interaction with a person having personality disorder, it’s especially important to work on building your mental strength.

Psychopaths will embellish and outright lie in order to appear more intelligent, more accomplished, and more interesting than they really are.

They will also abruptly change the subjects if you call them out on something they don’t like at all.

So, whatever it is, you need to have the ability to tolerate the person having personality disorder, at least for sometimes.

In order to do that, you need to get proactive about taking care of yourself and managing your stress on your own.


Empower Yourself

After building your mental strength, you need to establish and maintain strong boundaries between you and the psychopath.

Setting limits is absolutely essential, if you do not want to be taken advantage of by the emotional vampires.

You cannot change the behavior of a psychopath. Yes, you can run away if it’s your boss or a colleague.

But, if it’s your family member, you can only change how you react, and not reacting to them at all is usually best.