How Modern Education is Dependent on Technology?

Modern Education

The fact that modern technology is making voluntary changes in education cannot be neglected. While modern education demands the digital world, the dependency on technology is increasing. Internet hailing as one of the greatest inventions in the world, modern technology has measurable impacts in the education sector.

Are we too dependent on technology? Are students too reliant on technology? To answer this question, an ISTE 2013 survey has come with exciting facts about modern education. To know the student’s dependence on technology, go through the following facts:

  1. Almost 50% of the students from the age-group 10-18 get help from online for homework, at least once in a week.
  2. Students who use technology for studies spend an average of 40 minutes more time in studies than students who read from books.
  3. Almost 75% of the students from age 5-7 use technology and play educational games.

Hence, the transformation in the modern education system due to technology increases student engagement and their motive to study.

Modern education and students
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How can we use technology in education? Here are some of the significant areas which demonstrate the impact of technology on education.

1. Modern Education has Modern Classroom

Modern Education with Modern Classroom
Modern Classroom
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As students depend on the school for education, schools are transforming the old classrooms into a digitalized classroom. The modern-day classes have items like television and projectors.

Also, videoconferencing and television broadcast while delivering the lectures have come to be one of the essential aspects of modern education. The modern education has covered the unnecessary things learned in school too. 

Moreover, blackboards and whiteboards in school are slowly replacing with the electronic whiteboards. Field trips are getting replaced with virtual field trips. These days, Google has become the new dictionary.

2. Online Courses

Online Course for Modern Education
Modern education requires an online course
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The critical aspect of modern education, online education has become a common phenomenon. Top institutions in the world are offering online courses to students who are willing to learn. For the students who work and have to manage their work and study environment, an online degree has become of the most flexible study programs.

Also, the forums that online courses have to increase the involvement of students. Assignments that online course providers make the students capable of dealing with the practical world.

3. Assignments and Courseworks

In the modern education technique, teachers are evaluating students with the concept they are using rather than the knowledge they have. So, assignments and coursework have become one of the vital assessment tasks in the modern student environment.

To ensure critical thinking and the problem-solving skills of the students and to improve it, teachers evaluate them through constant feedback. This phenomenon enables students to achieve deeper.

4. Online Discussion and Active Engagement

Digital Discussion through Modern Education
Digital Discussion through Modern Education
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With the advancement in modern technology and the growing dependency on the internet, online discussion has become the prime part of modern education. Because people from world-wide are engaged online and are sharing their views and ideas, students are getting better knowledge.

Online discussions have also developed confidence in students and helped them with their writing and speaking skills. Nevertheless, online discussion has helped students relying on technology too much by making them actively engaged. As people have their devices with them anytime these days, online forums are active anytime.

Modern education provides resources to a depth

Students are getting knowledge of everything to its depth because of modern technology. The modern education does focus on making the resources accessible but has a significant focus on getting the right and overall details available to people. So, the dependence of technology is increasing massively in the education field.

Additionally, the concept of making education fun and interactive has made the students stimulate the perception of any educational-material to the depth.

81% of the students agree that modern technology has given their learning environment better. Also, it has helped them to improve grades. However, there are some adverse effects that technology has on today’s education system and the students.

What are the effects of modern education to students?

Even though modern education has become beneficial to the students, the negatives cannot get neglected. Due to the engagement in technology, modern students are losing social skills. The physical and mental health of students is deteriorating because of the active involvement in the digital world. It has destroyed family bonds. Also, virtual online reality has increased in the demands of the students and violence in some cases.

Modern students from the current education system believe that social media can make more friends than real life. The meaning of trust, friendship is decreasing, along with the purpose of the pen. Hence, the modern education system is also a significant threat to the world.