How Does Alcohol Ruin Your Travel?

Alcohol is often a common practice for an event of celebration.

People raise glasses at the end of a gloomy period. Some do so to mark the commencement of happiness.

The primary purpose of alcohol consumption is earning a temporary pleasure.

Alcohol is at times a means of consolation. People also consume alcohol when they hear or feel something sad.

This case sees a consumer ask for more most of the time. Most argue this is how you get addicted to it.


Effects of Alcohol on The Body

How Does Alcohol Ruin Your Travel?

Alcohol (chemically ethanol) travels through the food path of digestion into the stomach.

Stomach absorbs 20% of the alcohol. This propels it to reach the bloodstream rather quickly.

The remaining percentage is driven to the small intestine.

Now, the alcohol in small intestine joins the bloodstream to reach to liver.

Liver breaks the alcohol molecules down easing the oxidization of alcohol with ADH enzyme. The result of this: change of ethanol (alcohol) into acetaldehyde which is toxic and carcinogenic.

The acetaldehyde is now metabolized into less harmful acetic acid. This enhances the accumulation of fatty acids.

More alcohol means it circulates to all body parts as ADH enzyme lose control over the alcohol amount.

According to studies a normal liver can handle 0.5 ounce of alcohol per hour. If the amount exceeds it could have following effects:

• The arrival of alcohol to heart sees the decrease in blood pressure and relaxation of blood vessels.

• The alcohol that the heart pumps to the lungs causes alcoholic smell while you breathe.

• Lungs sends back the alcohol to heart which is pumped to brain. This slows down the nerve cell, as a result, you lose your accuracy to think and move.

• It also decreases the A. D. Hormone which causes dehydration.


Alcohol While Traveling

How Does Alcohol Ruin Your Travel?

Travelers consume alcohol, mostly, for pleasure. The case where a traveler is drinking alcohol for a sad moment is a rare incident.

Alcohol and travel, these days, come together. It’s seen as if they are synonyms of one another.

Two unknown travelers know each other quite well in a sitting that features alcoholic setting.

A glass of beer at the end of a long tiring walk sounds great.

You met an old friend at a place you were traveling to and you decided to sit down with 2 glasses. That’s a fabulous idea!


Consequences of Alcohol While Traveling

How Does Alcohol Ruin Your Travel?

You relish your stay in a magnificent travel destination with a glass of wine.

And you lose the knowledge on your limit as you are getting drunk. That is how it starts.

You have a blissful mood until your glass is not empty. Things start to get little worse shortly afterwards.

These consequences could easily ruin your travel fun:


1. Extra Expenses

You know your limit and you promise you won’t exceed it before you begin. This is almost with every individual who drinks.

Once you go on, you will hardly want to stop.

You are fine with the amount on the bill that day/night. You wake up fresh and aware of what you did last night, you will regret.


2. Hangover

The hangover you will gain the very next day could be another contributor to your ruined travel.

While you will be there to explore, losing a day because of hangover is a loss.

You could be stuck in bed for more than a day if the hangover is strong.


3. Deviation off Purpose

Alcohol will take no time in kidnapping your purpose of traveling with the help of pleasure it generates.

Instead of being in a beautiful accessible hill, you may choose to stick in a bar.


4. Physical Frailty

Traveling asks for a good health. Consumption of alcohol exposes you to the risk of physical weakness.

You may not enjoy your time off as well as you would have liked to.


5. Chances of A Brawl

Failing to control alcohol is inviting a brawl without an envelope.

A journey that takes you to hospital or in prison is not your dream journey definitely.


6. Brutal Accidents

Alcohol consumption in an excessive amount will make you do anything.

A drunk person wants to do what he shouldn’t be doing. Drunk is a state where you mistake yourself as the superior individual.

You aren’t willing to listen to anyone. Many travelers doing so have met with accidents that brutally injured or killed them.


7. Misunderstanding with Fellow Travelers

Many travelers travel in a group. A group is most likely to have an individual who drinks.

There are many stories where one’s fellow travelers complain about him/her drinking too much while in a journey. You don’t want to be loathed, do you?

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