Hip-Hop Artists that are Queer

Hip-Hop Artists that are Queer.

Hip-hop, for decades, has been a genre ruled by masculinity. A general perception is that even women who are into rap have to have some masculinity in them.

Previously, rappers were allowed to talk about their relationship with women, even in a derogatory way.

It was acceptable for rappers to have half-naked women twerking around the music videos.

And homophobia was a serious problem in the hip-hop community.

But today the times have changed. We live in a world where people are a little more accepting of homosexuality.

Similarly, the hip-hop community has also accepted homosexuality with open arms.

Today, there is rap music about men loving men and women loving women.

And there are rappers and singers openly accepting their sexuality and not ashamed to embrace it.

Here are 7 hip-hop artists that are queer.

Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean

When Frank Ocean’s debut studio album Channel Orange first dropped, he shook the whole hip-hop community.

With his song Forrest Gump, there were speculations that he is gay.

And when he shared his experience of falling in love with a man one time on Tumblr, it was confirmed.

Young M.A.

Young M.A.

One of the most open rap artists about their sexuality is Brooklyn rapper Young M.A.

Even though she’s had a full-on feud with rapper Kodak Black claiming to have been in a relationship with her, she openly identifies as a lesbian.



Drake’s prodigy iLoveMakonnen stir the rap scene when he dropped his club banger “Tuesday” ft. his mentor Drake himself.

But he was able to stir up the whole hip-hop community after he publicly announced his sexuality.

He unapologetically came out as gay despite the reputation of homophobia inside the hip-hop community.



The beautiful soul songstress Kehlani has never backed down when it comes to speaking her mind.

Whether it comes to her fragile relationship with her mother, her suicide attempt, her relationship, or her sexuality.

He makes it clear about her bisexuality the best way she can, through her music.

Even though she recently gave birth to a daughter with her partner, she has never shied away from admitting to being bisexual.

Taylor Bennett.

Taylor Bennett

Actor/rapper Taylor Bennett, who is also the brother of the Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper is out and proud about his sexuality.

He openly came out as bisexual on Twitter.

A move that was praised by thousands of people along with his brother Chance himself.

Azealia Banks.

Azealia Banks

One thing we all know Azealia Banks loves is to run her mouth (or fingers).

But one thing she can’t stand is people questioning and trying to define her sexuality.

In the rapper’s own word, she doesn’t like to live on other people’s terms.

And as petty as she can be, people defining her by her sexuality would be a really big mistake.

Lil Nas X.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X was disregarded for being a rapper coming out with country music. But he turned that around after remixing the track and making Old Town Road the biggest hit of 2019.

And very recently, taking advantage of the Pride Month, Lil Nas X came out as gay.

He took to Twitter to open up about his sexual preference and managed to shake the hip-hop community once again.

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