Here’s how to avoid MLM Scammers and Fake Gurus Online

Here's how to avoid MLM scammers and fake gurus online

Living in the 21st century, the money-making business has become easier than ever for most people. Especially the ones claiming to be “Online Marketing Gurus” and MLM experts.

There isn’t a shortage of people online claiming how to make more or less, $4000 a month.

Every now and then there are ads popping up saying “I can tell you the secrets of how to grow your business online,” or “Follow my guides to earn a certain amount every month”.

Let’s admit it, we’ve all fallen victim to schemes like this. Seeing these attractive ads, we’ve thought to ourselves, “Is this possible for me as well?”

To tell you the truth, it is. It is possible for you to grow your business online and make tons of money.

The internet helps boost your business not just locally, but also globally.

And thanks to the internet, many people have actually been able to earn more than someone with a 9-5 job.

But, what really is the secret behind it? Will all these people claiming to be marketing experts really help you?

Will they guide you towards the path of online prosperity that awaits you?

As much as we hate to break it to you, the brutal truth is, they can’t.

No matter how hard these people insist on knowing the secrets to a successful online business, they can’t do your work for you.

Are Online Marketing Gurus Scammers?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves for a moment and accuse people of being scammers.

But, honestly, the internet is full of it. There are hundreds if not thousands claiming to know the secrets of how to earn more money online.

These alleged experts tend to sell you ideas on how to grow your business online and make more money.

These so-called MLM experts (Multi-Level Marketing) claim to have cracked the code and now, out of nowhere, wants to teach you how.

There are people who actually have done amazingly well growing their business online and making tons of money.

And just like these online gurus and MLM experts claim, they’ve been doubling up their earning in no time as well.

But there is a huge difference between people claiming to have cracked the code and people that actually have.

Social media is full of scammers.

There are so many fake Facebook Gurus offering you online courses that will help you grow your business on Facebook.

A lot of fake YouTube Gurus have been going around making clickbait videos and luring people into making more money.

And then there are fake Instagram Gurus who claim to have cracked every code there needs to be cracked to garner more followers. And according to them, more followers equals more money.

The best way these “Gurus” get what they want is by exploiting your emotions. By triggering your money-making mentality, they get you. And they get you really good.

How do these people scam you?

Despite the fact that humans are one of the most intelligent beings, it’s pretty easy to fool them.

It has somehow become human nature to chase after money. Honestly, in today’s world, you can’t really do anything without money.

And the “Gurus” make it a point to let you know what you’re missing out on.

It’s a known fact that nothing beats hard work. If you can’t work hard, there is no way in making any progress.

And honestly, if you can’t work hard, you frankly don’t deserve any success.

But, here enter another one of most of our bad habits i.e. wanting to gain instant success avoiding working hard.

And this exact trait becomes helpful for all these fake MLM experts to exploit their clients.

They promise you instant success, almost overnight. They lure you into believing that it’s possible.

These so-called gurus make you purchase unnecessary courses or products.

These products never come in handy to you and neither will the course.

The courses are either filled with things you already know or with things that never really help you achieve your goal.

And apparently, to learn more, you need to make more purchases which makes absolutely no sense.

Like we mentioned above, these experts exploit your emotions and trigger your money-making tendencies.

They make such convincing arguments that you can’t help but get lured into it.

But the truth is, they’re not helping you earn money, they’re helping themselves.

Luring people into buying these courses, books, and products is exactly how these “Gurus” are making six figures online.

How to identify and avoid these scammers?

In this deep puddle of online scammers, there is a very faint possibility for you to not be a target.

Social media is something we’ve grown very fond of in such a small period of time. So, it is highly possible that you’ve come across ads claiming to know the secrets of making money online

And it is also highly possible that you’ve clicked the link out of plain curiosity.

If you’re one of those people looking to make income via the internet, it is natural that you look around for success stories. You come across various bloggers, vloggers, and influencers claiming to have found success.

While a few of them have actually done it, there are those who simply pose as fake Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Gurus and rip you off.

Here’s how you identify and avoid these scammers.

They’re here just for money.

The moment you enter a website of a fake guru who was able to lure you, you’re told to buy a certain course you’re willing to learn.

They don’t have any free content up on their site and they charge you to get “full access”.

The real ones, however, have plenty of free materials you might find helpful. And you only need to purchase advanced-level courses.

They are Flashy.

One common thing you can notice all these fake Gurus and experts do is lure you with flashy things.

Showing off thousands of dollars, cars, jewelry, etc. is the easiest way to attract their potential client’s attention.

When you see them showing off, you tend to think that they have everything under control.

But the truth is, many-a-times, it’s all fake. You can actually buy stacks of fake cash on different online sites, and these “Gurus” have no problem doing so.

So, if you come across people claiming to be experts and flashing off riches, you need to walk the other way.

They don’t practice what they preach.

Online Gurus often claim to have done it all. According to them, they’ve tried and tested every method on achieving online success.

But in actuality, they’re just selling you a Ponzi scheme so they could earn more money off of you.

Most of them don’t even earn the money they claim they do. They don’t have the expertise on things they claim to have.

You can clearly identify them through their blogs if they have one. They don’t use proper techniques or provide proper services when needed.

The best thing you could do in order to not fall for the fake gurus and experts is, be suspicious and do your research.

Researching well enough can give you the confidence to cross-examine such scammers.

If they’re not able to prove you, they’re certainly not worth your money.

And never hesitate to do the hard work and seek shortcuts.

Sure, you might find a little success doing so, but it won’t last long.

One of the keys to getting success online is publishing great contents. For content to be great and noticeable, you need keywords and optimization.

This is something you need to learn on your own without depending on any online gurus.

So, focus on your goals rather than the money. if you’re honest enough in putting the effort, you’ll eventually find success. Without actually having to fall for any of the fake schemes and people.

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