Hacks To Help You Survive an Entire Day in Heels

Most people, especially girls love summer season because they get to attend summer weddings and social events.

They need not to worry about thick clothes, big boots and sports shoes.

More specifically, girls love to wear beautiful high heels during summer season.

That’s because they add more essence to their personality ultimately making them look elegant.

But, do you know how much pain a girl takes behind those charming face and elegant look?

Yes, if you are a girl, you will definitely understand the suffering behind those beautiful shoes.

You wish to make all the suffering stop as soon as possible especially by the end of the night.

But, again during the morning, you desperately wait to try those heels on overlooking all the pain you had last night.

Yes, that’s how girls are. So, if you are suffering from same kind of pain and confusion because of your high heels don’t worry we have solutions for you.

We have jotted down some points that can make you survive an entire day in heels easily.


Use Hydrating Cream

How to Survive an Entire Day in Heels

Try applying some hydrating cream before putting on your heels for the entire day.

This will save your feet from rubbing, pain, and blister.

Especially when the shoes are new and tight, applying hydrating cream will work like magic.


Wear Socks

How to Survive an Entire Day in Heels

If you have the chance, and if the type of shoes allows it, wear socks.

The socks reduces friction of the shoe on the foot.

Even the thinnest ones will help you survive an entire day in high heels easily.

You will absolutely notice the difference.


Double Sided Tape

Stick the bottom of your foot to the sole of your shoe using tape.

It will stick your shoes on your feet no matter how much you move, walk or even dance.

Most importantly, it will prevent blisters and pain in the toes.


Use High Heel Insoles

If the heels are high you should invest a little more in purchasing shoes insoles.

Insoles for shoes are usually made of silicon or fabrics.

These little socks will weaken the pressure on the front of your foot and prevent your feet from moving forward in your shoes.

You can also go with silicone if you’re wearing a pair of open-toed heels because they are invisible.


Use Baby Powder

How to Survive an Entire Day in Heels

You can use baby power to survive an entire day with heels easily.

It will prevent excessive sweating and slipping.

Hence, you will have a less chance of roughness and injuries.


Chose Chunky

Compared with pointed heels, thick heels provides more comfort to your feet.

Thick heels that stabilize the foot and ankle are certainly more conformable and fashionable as well.

Mainly, if it is your first experience with heels, try thick heels out.


Use Foot Deodorant

Before putting on your heels for an entire day, try to use foot deodorant.

Apply some roll-on or stick deodorant to the areas of friction.

This will help you avoid any sort of chafing or discomfort caused by your shoes.

It can be easily available in online stores, so get it as soon as possible.


Try the Shoes Out

How to Survive an Entire Day in Heels

When you go to purchase a shoe, don’t rush out to buy stiletto heels that are too high for you.

If you are unsure about your comfort on those heels, then definitely don’t purchase it.

Take time until and unless you feel extremely comfortable on those shoes.

Also, you can opt for a wider heel with fewer inches instead if you are unsure.


Take Care of Your Feet

How to Survive an Entire Day in Heels

If you have cracked heels, hard skin, and bumps, it will get hard to survive an entire day in heels.

In fact, your shoes will worsen your problems and cause you more pain.

So, always take good care of your feet to look elegant in those shoes