Habits to Stop Addiction

Habits to Stop Addiction

Addiction refers to any kind of compulsive engagement, in any activity or substance. Even after knowing its negative impacts on person’s ability of living healthy and quality life, people can take no control on it. They have the urge of doing it more and more. There is a certain inner critical voice that gives you that hint to do it more frequently or to just get cling on it.

Addiction can be of various types and ranges. It can be either substantive or behavioral. The example that gives us a clear picture is the drug addiction, food addiction, internet addiction, sex addiction and many more. People have myth of taking theses addictive behaviors as the way of coping life. They find it pleasurable and hence get engaged excessively.

When is the time that you realize that you have an addiction?

Addiction often embraces the words frequent and obsession. When you can relate to these words on your behaviors it’s high time that you are already into addiction.

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Are you developing a feeling like something is not right or something that you should quit ASAP? Then you are in the pre-contemplation stage. This stage is where one wants to get rid of addiction but however could not get into the right track of excluding its obsession.

There are wide range of varieties in the signs and symptoms of addiction. But the most common is always crossing the limits of intention or intended. People in addiction keep that particular addictive substance or behavior high.  Every other thing is overlooked on pleasure than that.

But you enjoy this behavior right?

Oh well,

Addiction is often overlooked because people enjoy doing it. But this does not mean it does not have negative impact. It has and it does. However if anyone is addicted to something then they try to overlook the bad and just look on the enjoyment.

There is a certain percent of people regretting the other day also.


Life with addiction

Some people don’t want to change their behavior regarding addiction. They cannot find that much of pleasure in anything other than that substance or behavior. Some also want to change but they never seem to be successful in quitting these addictions.

It happens like in most cases people fear the word addiction. They believe that addiction is the mirror image of failure. They stick into the social stigma and are often afraid of seeking help. But you are what matters at first and you should start working for your better from Now.


If this relates to you then there is no need to worry either ways. There can be always some good help to get rid of this addiction.

Welcome to the journey of wellness!!

What actually are things that would help?

The first and foremost thing is your conscience and dedication to stop addiction. Nothing is stronger than your will power.

Same way, there are also many behavioral therapies and exercises to keep you conscious about stopping addiction.



This method is about completely ignoring or excluding the regular addictive behavior. Complete absence from these kinds of things would help you stop addiction.

For example: if you are a chain smoker then you should completely quit the friend’s circle that pushes you to smoke. Or if you are an internet addict then you should completely ignore using phones or laptops.


Behavioral modification.

In this method of stopping addiction, person can modify the behaviors of what they are addicted in and try to replace them with certain others which have no negative impacts or less negative effects. Modification of behavior is one of the most acceptable and most fruitful in case of stopping or halting addiction.


Motivational sessions

These methods are all about involving yourself in some motivational sessions and help yourself treat your ambiguity. It is focusing on the motivational process that triggers person to focus on their values and concerns more priory comparing how these addictive behavior have been affecting the morality and tend to change them.



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People in addiction can keep them self engaged my making themselves busy in sports and other recreational activities. For example: you can go play football or cricket or swimming or any other sports to get abstinence from your addictive behavior.


Stress Management

Work yourself on stress management and let yourself be less stressed which will help you a lot in being free from addictive behavior. This therapy and method also works a lot because stress is one of the major points that triggers addiction and urge of involving into that habit.


Self-help groups.

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This method can also be very helpful. You can contact to the person with similar stories and seek help on how they get rid of these addictive behaviors.