Gross Things Your Body Does If You Skip Your Shower

Having a shower is a daily routine for most of us, but what if you’ve been skipping your body-washing session?

You get so busy with your scheduled, you rush for time on morning, and you might want to think again.

More often, you promise yourself that you’ll shower in the morning, knowing good and well that you won’t have time.

Suddenly, it’s been two days since you last showered and start to feel bit grossed out, how would you feel?

This article is for people who are too busy with their schedules or too lazy to bath.

We bring you some of the weird things that happen to your body if you don’t shower for two days:


Bad Bacteria

Human body carries both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria is helped along through soap and shower.

When you strengthen the good bacteria in your body by showering, it’s able to remove the bad bacteria.

So, when you skip your shower for two days, your body is not strengthening the good bacteria.

And when you go more days without showering, it only adds to your chances of being vulnerable to bad bacteria.

By not showering, bacteria will remain on your skin and leave you at risk of developing different types of infections.


Catch A Cold

When you don’t shower regularly, the bacteria contained in your body enters your nose, mouth, and eyes leading you getting sick.

When you shower daily, it cleans off all these germs that you’ve encountered throughout the day.

However, you need to consider washing off your hands first before taking a shower because it contains more bacteria.

By not washing, you are more likely to have a number of different bugs on your hands and face.


Skin Break Outs

Not showering regularly can make your skin really oily and salty, leading to blemishes and breakouts.

Usually your skin can become oily and salty throughout the day and you can over it will makeup or beauty products.

But, when you don’t shower for two or more days the bacteria inside your body will not be removed or cleaned properly.

Though washing your face at the beginning and end of the day can help protect your face against breakouts, showers help to ensure that you don’t have breakouts on your body either.


30 Bad Smells

One of the major issue of not taking shower regularly is the smell.

Body odor is not caused by sweat but actually result of gasses released by bacteria inside the body.

When you skip showering for a couple days, it can lead your body releasing up to 30 bad smells.

Research shows that smelliness ranks among the top relationship deal breakers.

Although deodorants, perfumes, and wipes can sometimes help you with odors, they can only mask smells that will still get produced.

Shower eliminates the odors by cleaning the bacteria entirely. So, for the sake of your relationship and your mental health, you need to take a shower regularly.


Dry Skin

If you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, you should shower regularly to keep them away.

The National Eczema Organization recommends taking a shower once a day to replace moisture in your skin.

By not showering your skin will be left itchy and dry and lead to an outbreak.

Dead skin and grease naturally gather on the top layer of the skin. So, shower with a layer of lotion on your skin to moisturize and remove the grease.

Also, try to keep the shower on the shorter side and not too hot to make your body perfectly balanced.


Greasy Hair

If your hair is oily, after two days of not being washed, it can start to get pretty greasy and sticky.

You may get breakouts after a day or two of not showering, the oil you produce makes your hair greasy.

If you don’t shower, your body will start to produce excessive sebum for the sebaceous glands releasing excessive oil.

By not washing for a number of days, grease, dirty and dead skin cells will accumulate giving you an itchy and dry scalp.

So, do shower daily and remember not to use hot water and too much of conditioner on your hair. That will make the hair either more dry or more oily.


Brown Spots on Skin

When you don’t shower for two or more than two days, a condition known as dermatitis neglecta will occur in your skin.

This condition really only happens when your skin is consistently not being washed correctly.

So it’s not something to stress over if you skip the occasional shower because you’re too tired or lazy.

But, if you do skip your shower more than usual, then you will start to see brown spots on your skin.

So, you should be showering more frequently and also consult with a doctor for topical treatments.