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Good News If You Are One of the Night Owls

perks of being night owl

It’s funny how I can gather thoughts and put them in tangible form only during nights. Getting scolded for waking up late is on one side while getting to do what I love in absolute tranquility is on another side. I feel like I get more attention from the universe during nights when everyone else is sleeping. Who doesn’t love attention!

Dr. Roberto Manfredini — an expert in chronobiology and cardiovascular medicine says that circadian rhythm (a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle). It is one of the reasons that differentiate a night owl and an early bird. Both of the categories have their own bright and dark sides. However, many sleep advocates claim that night owl are more prone to higher health risks. Being said that, there are many perks of being a night owl too. I hope my mom is reading this article.

Perks of being night owls

Good news for night owls
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The night strength

Their strength increases as the day longer. While early birds may not have the same amount of energy as night owls. Researchers at the University of Alberta tested the leg strength of nine-morning people and nine-night people. They found that the early birds’ strength remained consistent throughout the day, but night owls’ strength peaked to higher levels at night.

Honest Procrastinator

Being more active and productive at night invites the habit of procrastinating. The wonderful thing is, no matter what, they will get the work done anyhow. Therefore they are honest procrastinators.

More intelligent

Good news for night owls
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Nocturnal activities of humans fall under “Evolutionary novel”. Night owls acquired such adaptability with time. Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary scientist found a connection between intelligence and adaptive behaviors. Hence, they are said to have higher IQs.

Less sleep, great productivity

The research found out that night owls can perform better than early birds even after they were put through the same sleep schedule for 2 days. This indicates that they can work more productively even after sleeping for fewer hours than recommended. 

Unconventional Thinker

Good news for night owls
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Many famous people have claimed themselves to be more productive and active during the nights. E.g. J.K Rowling, Barack Obama, Bob Dylan, Winston Churchill, Carl Jung, etc. They are rulebreakers, who don’t believe in conventional thinking. They believe in doing what we are rather than what we should be. 

Earlybirds do have their own advantages too. But the night owls don’t have to regret the few sunrises they have missed because there are always beautiful sunsets waiting for them to energize the rest of the night. All hail to my fellow night owls! 

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