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Germany Pledges to Go 100% Renewable by 2030

Germany pledges to reach 100% renewables by 2030
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According to a study, nonrenewable energy makes up 85% of worldwide energy usage. The most popular form of energy being fossil oil. Consequently, the average temperature of the earth has increased by 1C or even more. Arise of such a sensitive issue drew the attention of all countries, which led to the Paris Agreement, 2015. While many countries are thriving to make the worse situation better. The Conservative group of Germany confirms that Germany could reach 100% renewables by 2030 at a very low cost.

Here is what you need to know about Germany reaching 100% renewables by 2030

KlimaUnion or ClimateUnion is a conservative climate group that is made up of party members of the governing CDU/CSU governing alliance. They recently released a position paper. Where the members assert that Germany could reach 100% renewables by 2030 at a very low cost. In addition to that, they even believe that Germany could be the first-ever industrialized country to run on a 100% renewable energy supply. Likewise, this news has raised hopes in German citizens. Because expenses on transportation, heating, and power use will decrease too.

Germany pledges to reach 100% renewables

If Germany is able to achieve a complete transition to renewable energy. KilmaUnion predicts that it will be able to save up to  63 billion euros in energy imports per year. According to the news, the group’s member Wiebke Winter claims the position paper as an “argumentation aid”. As it might be for the conservative CDU/CSU alliance’s election manifesto. As that offers “concrete proposals” on starting to make Germany climate-neutral already during the next legislative period until 2025. KlimaUnion co-founder Heinrich Strößenreuther believes that the  goal of limiting global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius would be achievable even “at zero cost for the taxpayer.”

Climate Change has become a crucial voter concern in Germany since the Fridays For Future movement. Basically, The Green Party is considered as the party that is more concerned about the environment and renewable energy. Many voters stand by their ideology. However, CDU/CSU alliance has pledged to work on making Germany be 100% renewable by 2030. This healthy competition could result in a huge turnover and success.

Summing up

Globally talking, Garmany’s pledge has become a worldwide talk. Even though many countries thrive to go renewable, they hardly get anywhere near. Because there are many challenges to completely replace oils with a renewable source. However, Germany’s one mission might inspire hundreds of others in near future. The next legislative period until 2025 will be worth watching. As they already expect to be climate neutral by then.

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