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Gender Double Standards That Is Normalized By Our Society

Gender Double Standards That Is Normalized By Our Society

Our society has a lot of standards depending on which gender you are. There are unwritten “rules” in our culture that has undertones of misogyny and toxic masculinity. And sometimes these traditional gender roles or societal roles for genders have double standards.

These double standards are something that we experience in our daily lives. We encounter them and we don’t realize how unfair or wrong they are until they are pointed out. Since these double standards are normalized by our society, we often brush past them.

Here are some examples of those double standards set according to gender that we need to abolish. They often accept them as gender norms and we need to stop.

Male vs. Female friendships

Gender Double Standards That Is Normalized By Our Society
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Girls and women are generally considered okay when they cuddle or hold hands. Especially straight women have sleepovers and sleep on the same bed. They can kiss and hug without anyone batting an eye. These are just normal for female friendships. However, when men are close to their friends, they’re called “gay”. It is just unfair on men.

Mom vs. dads

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Mothers and fathers are both parents. But often our society glorifies men taking care of their own babies. When mothers are taking care of the baby, they are looking after their child. However, when men are taking care of their baby, they are “babysitting.” The media is also guilty of portraying men as angels when taking care of their babies.

Another thing that is also normal in our society is single mothers vs. single fathers. Single mothers are always blamed for choosing the wrong partner or having a deadbeat father. But single fathers are praised for stepping up to take care of the child. Stop shaming women!

When it comes to sex

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Women, who have had more than one partner, are slut-shamed by our society. S0 women who have sex, have a lot of sex, even love having sex are considered loose. They are shamed for this behavior. In contrast, men are expected to love having sex. When they have multiple partners, they are considered a stud. And men are rarely slut-shamed. So essentially women and men are judged differently for the same sexual behavior.

Also, a 21-year-old guy is considered a loser if he is still a virgin. While in the same situation, women are considered to be “pure.” She is even dubbed the “good girl.”

Household chores

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Everyone, who lives in the same house, should contribute to house chores. But our society attributes house chores as work for women. Women are “supposed” to clean, cook, and wash and men are “supposed” to do the yard work. Men are also praised when they do house chores.

Sexual Harassment

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Boys or men who are sexually harassed or abused by women are told to feel lucky. In most countries, legal charges are not filed when men are sexually abused by women. Male victims of assault are often disregarded and even mocked. Sexual consent should exist when it comes to everyone. And sexual abuse should be taken seriously regardless of someone’s gender.

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