Gays Over Covid Exposes Gay Men Partying During Pandemic

Gay men partying amid covid-19 restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic was and still is affecting people of all kinds around the world. However, people have somehow found ways to defy the guidelines set by WHO and government officials.

People refusing to wear masks and maintain social distancing in public places wasn’t enough. Now, the news of hundreds of gay men partying during the pandemic is taking the internet by storm.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit, an Instagram account by the name GaysOverCovid is on an active mission; exposing party-going gay men.

The Gays Over Covid Controversy.

An anonymously run Instagram handle, @gaysovercovid is stirring the pot. And it is dragging gay men around the United States for their involvement in rave parties during the pandemic.


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The Instagram page posts pictures of gay men, mostly white, in public gatherings. The most concerning thing, however, is that none of these men are following covid protocols whatsoever.

The page garnered over 125K followers since it started outing people back in July 2020. And after posting about the New Year’s Eve Gay Cruise party in Puerto Vallarta, it has yet again sparked controversy.

The cruise ship carrying popular Instagram models and influencers sank in Jalisco, Mexico.


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However, Jeffery Sanker, the organizer of the gay circuit along with all the attendees faced massive backlash; an obvious response since hospital beds are fully occupied in Jalisco. And the officials only allow eight people attendance in an event.

But the real question isn’t who is the person behind the anonymous page; the fact that these people are trying to defend their honor amid the crisis is what’s more questionable.

$500 Bounty for the Admin.

The Puerto Vallarta attendees, however, aren’t thrilled after facing criticism for their action. They’re calling out the people behind the Instagram account for public shaming and cyberbullying. And they’re voicing their concern about the hate and stigma the LGBTQ community gets on their own.

Now, the enraged party-goers are offering a $500 bounty to anyone that reveals the identity of the admin.

Is Gays Over Covid Shaming Gay Men?

Gay Desert Guide

It is obvious that what these men and a number of others have done violates the covid guidelines. It is downright disrespectful and dangerous, especially when the world is going through a tougher second phase of the pandemic.

But not all “publicly calling out of people” is considered shamming; Especially when your behavior might affect the ones around you. And since these gay men in question are mostly public figures and influencers, it is more of an example of public accountability rather than shamming.

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