Friendship Red Flags That You Should Not Ignore

Such much as people romanticize the connection between two people (friendship) it can get a bit toxic at times.

Friendship is a tie of fondness that might also imply that you are familiar with someone’s thoughts. It is a richer type of emotional bond in which individuals have a constant level of love, respect, closeness, and loyalty. 

Such much as people romanticize the connection between two people, it can get a bit toxic at times. Therefore, whether it is one being naive or them being malicious, one has should pay attention to the red flags. 

You might be wondering what a red flag is. They are considerable words to the wise that the friendship could be one-sided or unhealthy. Have you ever felt that your friends are constantly trying to be head and shoulders above you or making you feel inept? Well, that’s a big red flag. Do they monopolize your time and constantly criticize your other friends? This is a red flag!!!

That’s not all, though. Want to know what other red flags to look out for in a friendship? Today, you’ve come to the right place.

The One Up’s 

At times, some of us dabble in one-upmanship; and it is a natural facet of social friendship. But it is only when a few people do it excessively that it gets tedious. In an active discussion, people want to be able to relate to the other person. Hence, there is a distinction to be made between sharing an experience and “one-upping” someone.

Well, it is okay if you recall someone in your peer group who falls into that category. Likewise, it is also a certainty that you’ll strive to prevent a friend from outdoing you.  But the truth is, you don’t have the power to change; it’s theirs alone. It is alright to confront the matter with your friends if it rubs you the wrong way. If no results appear to be in sight despite your efforts, then it’s time to go. Why? Because it’s a major red flag if they feel the need to one-up you even within your friendship.

Threat To Your Mental Health

Nothing is more important than your mental health, as you are well aware. Friendship is all about being yourself with the people you care about and enjoy spending time with. That is a written rule, no matter what you think! You should not feel as if you are less, but rather as if this is the highest you can go.

However, after meeting your buddies, you may feel more tired and down. It isn’t, however, what it should be. If hanging out with them makes you feel worse rather than better, it’s time to rethink your social group. This is a huge red sign that you should be aware of and avoid at all costs.

The “Can You Help Me?” Friend

There’s always that one friend who asks for a favor. Don’t get me wrong: it’s perfectly fine to look for help from your friends. I’ve been on my receiving end and have sought support a few times. But that isn’t the issue.

The problem arises when that one “friend” only approaches you when they have anything to gain from it. To be more explicit, those friends only contact you when they have an ulterior motive to do so and don’t keep in touch with you otherwise. If you ask me, completely wrapped up in oneself. A RED SIGN!!!

Dismissive Of Your Interests

Friends who are dismissive are the troublesome ones who are continually misbehaving. They don’t care about you, your thoughts, or your sentiments. Such friends disregard what you have to say and trash you as trivial and useless. They can, however, carry out such a negative attitude in a few ways. They initially ignore you and then change the subject. After that, they argue with you, calling you a dill.

But here’s the catch. Just because they are not terrible people, we usually stick them around and provide them the same kind of perks that only true friends ought to. It’s merely that when you begin to set your personal parameters, you recognize they don’t merit the same level of access and advantages as you do.

In life, we don’t lose friends, we just learn who true friends are.

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