Former RHCP guitarist Jack Sherman dies aged 64

RHCP guitarist dies
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An early member of the popular rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers died on Saturday.

Jack Sherman, the guitarist who played for the dynamic American rock group on their first album, died at the age of 64. Besides, he was also famous for working with some of the great artists, including Bob Dylan, George Clinton, Feargal Sharkey, and Peter Case, among others.

The news of his passing away first aired in the media after RHCP announced the incident on their Instagram account. Describing him as a unique dude, the band wrote:

We of the RHCP family would like to wish Jack Sherman smooth sailing into the worlds beyond, for he has passed. Jack played on our debut album as well as our first tour of the USA. He was a unique dude and we thank him for all times good, bad and in between. Peace on the boogie platform.


However, the cause of his death is not revealed yet.

Joined the band in 1984

In 1983, Jack Sherman joined the band as a replacement for the guitarist and founding member, Hillel Slovak. Shortly after joining, Sherman was part of the band’s first tour in 1984. Particularly, the tour was focused on promoting the group’s self-titled debut album, The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Sherman’s journey with the band ended after founding guitarist Slovak returned to the band in 1985. Although Sherman was forced to leave the band, he later provided the backing vocal for the band’s albums Mother’s Milk and The Abbey Road E.P.

Moreover, Sherman is the second Chili Peppers’ band member to pass away, following the fatal drug overdose of Hillel Slovak in 1988.

Felt “dishonoured”

Throughout the years, Sherman was among the best guitarist. In particular, he was the second of at least eight guitarists to be famous as a member of the chart-topping band.

In 2012 the Red Hot Chili Peppers got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But, neither Sherman nor guitarist Dave Navarro, each of whom had played guitar on one of the band’s albums, were inducted. Eventually, that led Sherman to lodge a protest.

Back then, talking about the issue, he said:

It appeared to be a politically correct way of omitting Dave Navarro and I for whatever reasons they have that are probably the band’s and not the Hall’s.

Adding to that, he continued:

It’s really painful to see all this celebrating going on and be excluded. I’m not claiming that I’ve brought anything other to the band… but to have soldiered on under arduous conditions to try to make the thing work, and I think that’s what you do in a job, looking back. And that’s been dishonored. I’m being dishonored, and it sucks.

Jack Sherman was born on January 18, 1956. Popularly known as a second guitarist of the RHCP, Jack grew up in Miami, Florida, and later settled in Savannah, Georgia.

Jack Sherman
Former guitarist, Jack Sherman dies at the age of 64
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