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Food Duos That Have Miraculous Health Benefits

Powerful Food Duos That Works Miraculously
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Food combination is a philosophy of eating. Food combination is the idea that certain foods when combined together can work miraculously on health benefits. Likewise, food combinations can go either way, either toxic or extremely beneficial. Understanding the nature of the food we can pair two foods to make a dynamic duo.  A long time ago, food duos were considered just a myth. However, researchers have claimed that certain food duos deliver a bigger health boost.

Here are few examples of how you can make the most out of your food by pairing them up,

Green Tea & Lemon

Green tea is recommended by every doctor as it strengthens our immunity. Likewise, it also reduces the chances of tumor growth. In addition to that, it improves cardiovascular health as well. The secret behind green tea’s enormous benefits is the catechins which are powerful antioxidants. We can further boost the power of catechins by adding lemon juice. Adding lemon juice can make catechins more absorbable to our bodies. Hence you should definitely give this food combination a shot.

Powerful Food Duos That Works Miraculously
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Pasta & Vinegar

Pasta goes with every ingredient. Next time try adding on vinegar too. Vinegar contains acetic acid. Consequently, it reduces the increase in blood sugar which occurs after consuming high carbohydrates food such as pasta. A steady rise in blood sugar induces too much insulin and resulting in type 2 diabetes. But you can avoid that by adding a little vinegar to your starchy food Pasta.

Chick Peas & Onion

Combing onion and chickpeas already sounds like the best food duo. Regardless of the taste, this food combination is good for your health as well. Combining onions or garlic with legumes and grains can help us absorb more zinc and iron. Iron helps in the transport of oxygen in the body while zinc helps our body fight against the common cold.

Powerful Food Duos That Works Miraculously

Banana & Water

we are familiar with protein shakes that include bananas. Likewise, combining just banana and water is more beneficial than any other sports drink. Bana mimics ibuprofen that prevents swelling and reduces pain. Hence this food combination is best to consume after exercise.

Chicken & Grapefruit

All types of meat are top dietary. They are the source of any kind of energy we need. Be it digestion or lifting weights. Likewise, meat is the top dietary source of CoQ10 which plays a major role in controlling blood pressure. A study in Japan claimed that grapefruit allows up to 50 percent higher cellular absorption of CoQ10. Combining these two foods is not only a great feast but a great health benefit.

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