Fitness and Lifestyle for People Who Work

fitness and lifestyle
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Getting in shape without working out is never going to be easy but certainly not impossible either.

If you want to have a flat stomach, toned muscles and the stamina, you need to change your lifestyle and habits, all at once.

Start going to the gym five or six times a week, with strict routine and diet, and always be in bed at midnight.

You also can hack your current lifestyle. You can make effective changes to your current diet, exercise routine and definitely your sleep habits.

If you want it really that bad, small adjustments will help you generate good results.

You can change your lifestyle so gradually, you barely even notice it until one day, when you look at your mirror and see a change in yourselves.

I being a normal person, living a normal life have experienced so much disaster in my lifestyle since past few years.

I go to college and then work which makes it twelve hours a day.

My days are so packed with workloads and stuffs that I don’t even get time to look into the mirror itself.

My lifestyle, eating habits, exercise routine and sleeping habits has been worse than ever.

I do not look energetic and enthusiastic now as I used to before due to so much of work.

Though my schedules are very tight as always, I have started to use some buck lifestyle changes since past few days which may be applicable for you too:


Drink a glass of water before each meal

Drink a glass of water before each meal and reduce caloric intake in both obese and lean individuals.


Fill up on vegetables

Eat a lot of fibrous, low-calorie vegetables crowds the more calorically dense foods out of your diet.


Cook food at home, and save the leftovers

Try to eat food cooked at home rather than eating spicy and oily foods at the hotels and restaurants to have a good digestion.


Perform short bodyweight workouts few times a day

Do a few minutes of bodyweight and exercise like squats, pushups and planks after waking up daily.

This is far more convenient than going to the gym, if you do it regularly.


Make friends who are into fitness

Start hanging out with people you know who are good in shape. This will motivate you to get fitter like them.


Work out in the late afternoon or early evening

Studies have shown that training later in the day leads to significantly greater strength gain.

If you do not have enough time, do it regularly for five or ten minutes.


Be determined

Start telling yourself that you want to be engaged in healthy behaviors. If you want to get fit enough, do it right.

Do not sleep overtime and eat much that your stomach can’t handle. Have a will power to do it.


Get a few pieces of home exercise gear

Keep a few pieces of home exercise gear in sight so that you can get it ready to use anytime.

Use adjustable dumbbells, compact resistance bands and pull-up bars to do instant exercise at your own house.


Eat only when you are hungry

Eating any food when someone gives you, even when you are not hungry at all makes your stomach unbalances.

Eat food only when your stomach wants it which seems to be healthy enough that your stomach can digest.

Habits like this will help you to transform yourself from something you force yourself to do.

These habits, by themselves, are all people need to solve their fitness habits and start getting healthy.

Put yourself at the top of to do list every single day and the rest will fall into your place.

I have tried following these steps in my daily schedule which seems to work quite well.

Despite having a pact schedule, I take out certain time for myself and apply some fitness mantras which has been working quite well.

Throughout this process, I have learned that if you want to get into shape, enjoy the process.