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Finding Home away from Home

Finding Home away from Home

Have you ever moved away from home? Maybe to enroll in your dream college, maybe you got the job you applied for, maybe you got selected to volunteer in a village, or maybe you like exploring culture and places and finding a home away from home.

We need not think harder to list people living away from home in a different city and even in a different country. They have learned to make a home out of places they’ve lived in. This requires you to have skills and understanding when you travel, visit new people, share a space, and whatnot.

It has been more than six years since I have lived away from home. I recently got in a project where I had to work-travel with a team of 9 people I was seeing for the first time. Within 86 days, I reflected on things learned in 6 years, and here is what I learned while finding a home away from home.

Getting Started

Prepare yourself emotionally and physically for everything that never mattered to you back home. There is nothing wrong with being over-prepared (trust me I am one of them). Make sure you are self-sufficient before you leave. Remember that you are ALONE with tons of work to do. Look around, you will see things you never thought could make you nervous or happy.

Eat and Repeat

Embrace every meal you nagged eating at home. If you are traveling in rural areas, you might even have to change your diet and the food you eat might be completely different. Understand that it is a privilege and that you will have to struggle for it now. So make sure you eat on time or starve till you can.

Be open to Friendships

Consider no boundaries for friendship and never be ashamed to express your joy always get your music and dance it out if you feel like it. And when the party is over, carry your stuff and your friends back.

Remember it’s you who will remain constant and you might never get to spend time with the people and the place again. Don’t miss out to appreciate their presence.

Prioritize you and your goals

Never forget what you intend to achieve always prepare yourself and work to the fullest. Make sure to take care of your job as your pet and love every bit of it with an abundance of discipline. At the End of the day, relax, laugh sleep, and tug yourself in that warm blanket.

Miss people back home and check up on them because it feels terrible sometimes. So stuff your face, run that tap water, and maybe cry out of helplessness. IT is Okay!! The very next day, Put on some eye cream and get that beauty sleep to repeat your schedule the next day. Finish your job with excellence.

Love is all we need

Explore as soon as you have time to. Sometimes it is tiring but will be worth it. You will know why people and nature are the way they are. You will collect memories enough to reminisce upon.

Living away from home with new people isn’t always fun and games. Once you live and work with the same people, you will know so much about them. You might see them feel low, they might see you feel down. You will only have each other and NOONE. So make sure you lift each other no matter what.

Never lose the team spirit and always bring people together, respect the difference of opinions. Never forget to see where the person comes from.

Lastly, be thankful to everyone and everything you came through.

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