Female Leaders: Brands Led by Female You Need to Know

Female Leaders: Brands Led by Female You Need to Know

In the growing world where leadership by the female is growing on a rapid scale, female leaders in the world are gaining big fame.

As gender is no longer a factor that affects the growth, a woman is taking significant steps in their development and are forming some popular female led companies.

As per specific data, female leaders in the world are serving the consumers differently by the brands established by them.

Hence, you need to know about some of the famous brands led by females to know about the strong leadership skills of women.

Here are some brands started and led by the female.


1. Maya Brenner

Female Leaders: Brands Led by Female You Need to Know

The leading necklace brand of the world, Maya Brenner, is growing at a high pace.

Because of the iconic letter necklaces produced by this brand, the pendants and earrings are getting into the limelight.

As the brand is one of the female led companies in the world, it has gained sure celebrity fans too.

Some celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis, are enjoying the brand with the 14K white, rose, and yellow gold. Hence, female leaders in the world are growing.


2. Aritzia

Then comes the famous clothing brand called Aritzia.

This brand is a well-known brand that got fame for their super puff.

With the female president and CEO named Jennifer Wong, the brand is doing well in 95 different cities.

As the company offers and creates a different fashion name with ethical values, many people prefer it.

Therefore, there is no doubt that female leaders in the world are making the world a better place.


3. Yella Activewear

Female Leaders: Brands Led by Female You Need to Know

Shining as one of the best brands, Yella Activewear is led by Daniella Mizrahi.

Being one of the best females led companies, it has been able to provide creative fabrics, which has made it one of the best factories.

Because of the luxury feeling and functional design this clothing brand offers, it can show the power of the leadership of females.

Therefore, Daniella Mizrahi got established as one of the best female leaders.



If you are a girl, then you might know about the famous female haircare brand called ‘IN COMMON.’

As this brand is one of the most preferred brands by the top hair artists of the world, it is growing.

Also, being a female led brand, which got founded by Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, who are the owners of Nine Zero One Salon at Los Angeles, is growing as the female led companies in the world.

Hence, this brand serves the hairstylists and the consumers to a great extent.


5. What Goes Around Comes Around

The best example of female leaders and their leadership, what goes around, comes around is a brand that sells accessories from luxury brands around the world online.

They have accessories to popular brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci. Also, they have some limited offers in their online store, which gives them more costumers.

Moreover, this brand has international and national retailers throughout the world too.

It is incredible how female leaders 2019 are doing a great job in their respective fields by promoting their brand.


6. The Route

Female Leaders: Brands Led by Female You Need to Know

Nancy Pellegrino developed a popular female led brand named The Route while she was in her practice to serve her patients with the best skincare methods.

This is a globally recognized beauty industry that gives your skin what it exactly needs.

With specific formulas that this brand has, it has grown exponentially with successful female leaders and their leadership.

So, you can choose The Route anytime with no hesitation for the proper care of your skin.


7. Mother of Pearl

The famous fashion brand, Mother of Pearl, is succeeding with its female leaders.

Shining as one of the popular female led companies, it has been one of the best fashion brands.

Also, because of its no compromisation of fashion, it is one of the most developed female led brands of the world.


8. Modernbeast

With the famous founder and CEO named Lona Williams, Modernbeast is working hard to create the best accessories for the dogs.

It provides accessories, toys, and clothing to the female. Hence, it is one of the most leading female industries in the world.

Hence, with all the female leaders and the female led brands, you can know the scale of the leadership capabilities of the woman is helping to change the world.

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