Fasting: Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Many of us accept fasting as a moral obligation to God. Additionally, for some time, when we fast, we refuse food and drink to show our respect for him.

On the other hand, fasting is less about what we give up and more about what we make room for. According to different research and mythology, fasting is connected physically, emotionally, and also spiritually.

The article below covers some of the spiritual benefits of abstaining from food. Make sure; you read every section of this article.

Fasting Can Cleanse Your Soul

Fasting is a wonderful time to understand our physical organisms’ spiritual connection. Without the toxins we place in our bodies, we not only allow the digestive cycle to be completed, but we also will enable the detoxification of our spirits.

Fasting Can Cleanse Your Soul
Fasting Can Cleanse Your Soul
Source: Positive Provocations

Often we forget that the Lord’s temple is our body. Particularly when we decide what to eat! Additionally, many sources claimed that denying oneself food helps to cleanse your soul and makes you pure.

Acknowledging God

Once we realize that we need more than food from God, we will begin to understand what the Psalmist meant by saying, “Like a deer that urges for water, my soul longs for you.”

Acknowledging God
Fasting helps to acknowledge God
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The source of our entire life is God, who desires only a closer relationship with us, and we can quench the new desire from God in our lives by fasting. As they say, fasting can link us with the inner core of our souls where they find god, which can make us ‘yogi.’

Fasting Helps to Praise In Deep

Once we realize by fasting, that we need God to work and live more, we will start praising God in a new way. Further, the body has time to focus on other things, because it does not have to do the digestive work. In the same way, because what we will be consuming next doesn’t overpower us, and we have more energy to devote ourselves to God.

Fasting Helps to Praise In Deep
Fasting Helps to Praise In Deep
Source: Guideposts

We should also show more love to God as we recognize that God is for us. Everything he has done will develop a new desire within us, expecting more by avoiding food. During fasting, praising for his mighty acts, we will have no time to starve or count the hours until our fast has ended. Infact, we will be celebrating all the time until our fasting ends.

Fills With Fruit Of Spirit

When we fast, our flesh is not happy, and we can get irritated, and negative feelings may arise. Yet God invites us to bear the spirit’s fruits. Fasting forces us to get around our flesh’s emotions and reach out to divine emotions through God.

All we are because of God and god fill us with different emotions. Further, the sentiment could be happy, sad, courage, weakness, etc. God helps us to motivate us by the spirit when we do deny eating for him.

Miracles Could be True

Fasting allows the body to come under the influence of the Spirit of God in us. We let God have all the space if we are effectively fasting. Through our words and deeds, his spirit is strong and powerful.

Miracles Could be True
Miracles Could be True
Source: NIV bibles

They say this is the ideal world that heaven will reach and turn into God’s ordered conditions of supply, harmony, and faith. This is the perfect place to touch the world.

Fasting Connects To Gods Word

We are spirit and flesh. Sometimes, when our spirit is waste, we keep our flesh well fed. When we fast our body’s flesh, we open the way for our minds to consume the word of God as ever before. Further, our hungry spirit rejoices on the word of God, providing for much-required food and nutrients.

Each time we take out something from our life, we have something else to fill it up. As the energy must be still and the balance should be made.

Power To Prayers

Many breakthroughs are only accomplished by fasting and meditation. It might be time to move if we have faced the same unanswered prayer for a long time.

Further, fasting makes your flesh-hungry and helps to focus on your desires automatically. Due to this, the power of your prayers becomes stronger.