Fashion Trends From “Friends” That Are Still Cool

The fashion trends started on Friends are still to this day loved and worn.

The show has very nicely integrated the 90’s fashion in their looks.

The actors and actresses mixed it with their own personal statements.

Since, we all want friends fashion trends for instagram, here are the looks from Friends TV Show that are still very trendy:


1. The Plaid

Plaid shirt fashion trend
















We love the Plaid Flannels when it comes to just chilling. The untidy and messy look gives the best vibes for a chill day or weekend.

Similarly, the plaid skirts from Friends Tv Show is just evergreen.

The plaid mini skirts give out vintage vibes and we all know how much we all love that look.

This might just be the best friends fashion trends for instagram look.


2. The Leather Jackets

Leather Jacket

All friends lover probably remember the leather jackets.

From Joey’s leather coats to Ross’s leather jackets, we have totally loved their looks.

If you want some fashion trends tips for instagram from friends dont to forget Rachel’s leather jackets.

There is just too many options and we all love them. Except of course the disastrous leather pants on Ross.

We all know how that turned out!!


3. A Little Too Sheer

Another one is the sheer style. This trend is so classy and it just make you look chic.

I don’t think this look is going away anytime soon.

This simple look was loved by Rachel and Monica along with the rest of us.

So, if you need any fashion tips, just decide from any of their looks.

Friends Fashion trends


4. Cropped

Rachel on friends showFashion trend

One of the coolest outfit ideas from the 90’s Fashion is probably the cropped shirts.

The looks are simple yet so cute. Monica and Rachel rocked the look in the show.

This Fashion trend was inspired by friends show and is still in the trend and probably will not disappear anytime soon.


5. The Jeans and Denim Jackets

This clearly is the easiest one to pick up from the show. Everyone loved denim jackets.

It’s perfect for the fall, makes you look cool in an instant and is so durable.

This fashion trend can never go wrong.

You can use it for your instagram, or just impress someone with you cool trendy look.


6. The Cute Overalls

Overalls fashion

How could i miss the overalls when talking about Friends and Fashion.

Rachel Green looked the best on these overalls.

Also there is no denying that it still is perfectly balanced between stylish and messy.

This 90’s fashion trend won our hearts every time someone wore them on the show.

So, rock these easy top to bottom jeans look.


7. The Fall Dresses

Fall fashion from friends

The dresses they wore in friends are perfect for fall.

The lovely Phoebe Buffay loved wearing loose, layered clothes.

Fall fashion on friends

She is clearly the best inspiration we can get for our fall look.


8. The Man Purse

Anyone who’s a friend’s show fan remembers the man purse from season 5.

Although, we might agree that it might have been a little too overdone on him. But girls totally loved that bag.

There’s a reason Rachel loved it and she was the executive at Ralph Lauren so we probably will too.

Plus a leather bag doesn’t normally go out of fashion easy.


9. High Waist

Fashion trends from friends

90’s fashion was full of high waisted and belly buttons.

And I guess it’s safe to say that it has made a comeback.

In fact, they didn’t really go out of the fashion.

Moreover, it helps hide your muffin tops and who doesn’t love that. Therefore, it probably will stay for long this time as well.


10. Sweater Weather

Sweaters were clearly Phoebe Buffay’s personal fashion statement.

She certainly loved those cute colorful sweaters and was so noticeable in the TV show.

It won’t be wrong to say that her style is still very instagram friendly.

You can easily take some tips from Phoebe to spice up your instagram this fall.


11. Midi Dress

Finally, I saved the best ones for the last. There are just so many midi dresses from the show.

Not only are they beautiful but just so classy and elegant.

These dresses are just a perfect inspiration for a date night, a wedding party or any event that requires you to look put together and fancy.

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