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Fashion Industry is Killing The World with their Toxic Attitude

Fashion Industry is Killing The World with their Toxic Attitude

Have you ever wondered how much your clothes cost to the nature? It surely will not cost you a lot to buy a new pair of t-shirt every month.

But the impact it has on the environment when all of people like you purchase is large.

The producers of such clothes have toxic attitude towards the nature.

The only thing in their mind is the profit that they make out of the sales.

However, the pollution and wastage that these products make remain unnoticed.

Under this the main culprit is the fast fashion industry.

As per CBC News Report, we are buying 400 percent more clothes today than the 1980’s.

Yet we don’t really seem to care how much it impacts the earth.


How does Fashion Industry become a problem to the environment?

Fashion Industry is Killing The World with their Toxic Attitude

At first glance we might feel that our clothes shouldn’t really pose a problem to the earth.

Normally we don’t even have second thoughts while buying such clothes.

The environmental issue of fast fashion remains unnoticed. Mainly because the producers don’t let the dark-side show.

There are lots of unethical tricks that they used to manipulate our behavior.

These businesses grew large in a short period of time. So, there was no understanding of the drawbacks.

Everyone chose the cheaper price and fashionable clothes. But none stopped to wonder its long term impact of this toxic attitude that we carry.

The are a lot of ways in which fashion industry proves to be hazardous to the environment.

  • Water wastage in the production of cotton crops in fashion industry.

Fashion Industry is Killing The World with their Toxic Attitude

The amount of water used in cotton crops to produce 1 shirt is 2,700 liters.

This amount of water is enough for consumption for more than 2 years for a person.

  • Carbon Emission from the factories.

The carbon emission while producing clothes is huge.

In 2015, the carbon emission of total polyester clothes production was 706 billion kgs.

  • Water pollution by fashion industry.

About 20 percent of the industrial water pollution is the garment industry.

Water pollution brings down the productivity of the soil.

At the same time, the fashion industry waste has hampered the water animals.

  • Landfills of the used and unwanted clothes.

Fast fashion has resulted people to throw out clothes faster.

The clothes get discarded after a few uses. This results in throwing of the clothes in landfills.

The clothes which are not recycled or donated end up being the main cause of pollution.


Is Recycling Clothes a Hoax?

Companies like Nike, Zara are trying to promote recycling and reuse.

But we all fail to understand how much we can actually recycle at present.

At present the technology used in recycling are not that advanced.

All these efforts made by these companies is trying to hide the unethical behavior and nature of their business and promotion strategies.

Firstly, it is not easy to recycle clothes. In order to recycle your clothes, the technology required is tremendous.

And even if you have these technologies it is not possible that you can get everyone to recycle their clothes.

Furthermore, the clothes that are mostly produced today are hybrid.

They use mixed fabrics to make today’s clothes. But it is not yet possible to recycle the clothes mixed with polyester.

The dye used in clothes are also difficult to get off. This reduces the quality of the clothes. Eventually, these recycled clothes will also end up in landfills.

So, although they are trying to reduce the damage by encouraging recycled clothes.

The problem is so huge that these recycling businesses hardly can make a difference anymore.

The fashion industry is creating more problems that the recycles can handle and nothing justifies their unethical behavior.


Does Donating Your Clothes Actually Work?

Fashion Industry is Killing The World with their Toxic Attitude

We feel that when we donate our used clothes, we are helping the environment.

We believe that  people will take all our used clothes. But this is not true.

There are clothes that go unwanted. So, 85 percent of all our used clothes end up in landfills.

This is sad and clearly projects the toxic attitude and problem with fast fashion industry.

So, think before you get excited for the new sale on your favorite store.

The environment crisis is growing large day by day and one reason to blame is fashion.

This unethical behavior from the end of the producers in fashion industries remains unrecognized.

We should not forget that demand for the products influences the production.

Thus, as long as our demands for fast fashion continues to grow so will the waste.

As consumers we can reduce the wastage by not consuming as much.

Understanding the nature of marketing and promotional campaigns are designed to encourage you on purchasing more.

We should be well aware and decide to purchase less. Be able to use clothes that are already used and not feel hesitant.

We will not be able to completely destroy the toxic culture of fast fashion industry but we might help the environment at the least.

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