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Facebook Group “Subtle Asian Traits” to be Made into TV Series

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The famous Asian community on Facebook ” Subtle Asian Traits ” has inspired a television series. A program based on humorous memes and real-life conversations posted on social media. Since its inception in September 2018, the group has grown to over 1.9 million members. The group provides a platform for discussions and memes regarding Asian culture and the diaspora. The group’s mission statement reads, “Our purpose is to link Asian folks internationally to establish a community. This community appreciates the similarities and contrasts within the subtle aspects of Asian culture and sub-cultures”. The group’s original founders have expressed their joy over this new venture. 

The production of Asian-centric television shows and films like Bling Empire, Kim’s Convenience, Always Be My Maybe, and The Asian community has enthusiastically hailed Crazy Rich Asians as a sign of increasing Asian representation in the entertainment industry in recent years. 

Who is producing the Subtle Asian Traits series?

Jumpcut is a startup firm that finds ideas by utilizing an algorithm to determine which stories have aroused the most online response. Jumpcut, which debuted last month, has won the rights to produce the show. They obtained the rights from the Facebook group’s creators, a group of nine Chinese-Australian teenagers.

John Zhang is a former development associate at Perfect Storm Entertainment. John Zhang obtained the project’s rights from the group’s original inventors. They were all in high school when they conceived this group back in September 2018. Though, the original group remains the most popular, with 1.9 million members currently in the community.

subtle asian trait founders
Source: NYTimes

“We’ve been in contact with dedicated filmmakers, producers, and writers in our community over the last several months who wanted to convey the sentiment of subtle Asian traits to the screens. On Friday, June 25, the team behind the Facebook page remarked, “We’re humbled to be a part of their ambition to focus on the diverse subtle Asian qualities throughout the diasporic Asian community.”

Writers have not revealed much information about the storyline so far, but The Hollywood Reporter states that it will be a “college-set narrative.” Ivan Tsang and Justin R. Ching, who previously produced shows for Fox, Amazon, and a Food Network Asian-American docuseries, will pen the television series.

Subtle Asian Traits joins Jumpcut’s other two series, Jack 9, a sci-fi action thriller, and an untitled Western. All of these shows are still in the works. 

We won’t be able to see the Subtle Asian Traits-inspired television show for a while. In the meantime, check out the show’s source of inspiration on Facebook. Or visit Netflix to view more Asian-led shows and movies!

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