Exercises That Can Reduce Your Lower Back Pain

Exercises That Can Reduce Your Lower Back Pain

Are you in pain every time you sit down or get up? It might be difficult even to do the simplest task at hand due to the pain.

Lower back pains are extremely common among people.

Research shows that almost 80% of people have back pains.

No matter what the reason for the pain is, it can be very discomforting.

Nevertheless, there are various exercises that you can do to reduce lower back pain.

Be careful not to strain your back too much while doing the stretches.


1. Bridges:

When you are in a back pain, glute bridges can help you relieve the pain so much. It works to increase your back strength.

By working your gluteus maximums, you can develop your muscles in the lower back.

This will provide support to your back. This is the perfect exercise for when you want to stretch out your back and build strength.


2. Partial Crunches:

If you properly do crunches, it will definitely help you stretch your back.

This is not only best exercise for lower back pain but will also help you define your abs.

Try to do it in a controlled manner. Learn how to breathe properly while you are exercising, it is very important.


3. Knee to chest exercise for lower back pain:

This is another easy way to get rid of any tightness around your lower back area.

It can provide you relief in an instant. It is also very easy to do.

If there is any stiffness around your back area, it will help you relieve that as well.

However, it is suggested that you do this exercise with just one leg in the beginning.

If you don’t have any kind of pain, you can continue the exercise with two legs later on.


4. Hamstring hip stretches:

Hamstring stretches have a lot to do with the lower backs.

Hamstrings are the two muscles directly connected to your back and the back of your legs.

There is a lot of connection between the stiffness in your hamstrings and your back pain.

So, use the hamstring exercises to loosen up your muscles to relieve the back pain.


5. Inner hip muscle stretch or butterfly stretch:

Exercises and stretches for Lower Back Pain

This exercise is the best to provide some movement in your lower back.

This will help you loosen the rigidness around the hip areas.

Most of the time, the pain is caused because of the stiffness in the hip muscles.

So, do this exercise and see if this will help lower your back pain.

This is a very easy exercise to do. At the same time, it will strengthen your hip and back strength.


6. Wall Sits:

Wall sits will help you apply pressure in all the right places.

Although it needs a little bit of carefulness while doing it, it will work wonders if done correctly.

Start 10-12 inches away from the wall and slowly align your back to the wall and hold it for 10-12 seconds and repeat.

This is another easy exercise to relieve your lower back pain.


7. Bird dog exercise to reduce lower back pain:

Exercises and stretches for Lower Back Pain

This can be fairly difficult to do if you are not used to exercising.

However, if done correctly this has a huge benefit on your back health.

To do this exercise start with getting down on all fours.

Then slowly raise one leg and the opposite hands upwards to form as straight lines as possible.

Repeat the same on the other side. Try to hold this for at least 5 seconds on each sides.


8. Pelvic tilt to reduce lower back pain:

Some variations of pelvic tilts are recommended to people with back pains.

You need to understand which one to use and which muscles does the exercise target.

It will also provide postural balances and make your core stronger. So, try this exercise to reduce your lower back pain.


9. Back extensions stretch for back pain:Exercises and stretches for Lower Back Pain

This is another easy but very effective stretch. For this you just have to get to the ground on your, lying on your stomach.

Slowly try to raise only your upper body up while your lower body remains constant.

Push your hands on the flour and lift your body with your shoulder.

Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat. This exercise will definitely help you get rid of your lower back pain.


10. Pilates:

Pilates is the best exercise for people who suffer with regular lower back pains.

It will help you work on your core and strengthen it.

These exercises are designed to emphasize on flexibility and endurance.

You don’t really need extra equipment to do these exercises.

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