Everything to know about Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg

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If you have not yet heard about the supporting husband of Pete Buttigieg, its high time you do now. The ex-mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg who is also running for president married Chasten in 2018. Chasten Buttigieg’s wedding with Pete was one historical moment for the LGBTQ community in the United States. Chasten Buttigieg came out to his family after graduating high school.

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Chasten Buttigieg

You might not know but Chasten Buttigieg is very active online, specifically on twitter. Not only being active but also is very vocal about social issues. If everything goes well for Pete in the election, Chasten might be the first-ever first gentleman in the history of the United State’s white house.

Chasten Buttigieg is a highschool teacher:

Chasten is a high school humanities teacher as well as the drama teacher at Bend Montessori School in South Bend. The school has been running since the mid-1980s in South Bend. The school’s mission is “to cultivate the human potential in an authentic Montessori program”.

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Chasten Buttigieg

However, at present, he has taken a break from his work in the school. He wants to support Pete in his election campaign in the 2020 elections during this break.

Chasten’s personal life and childhood:

The 30-year-old teacher was born on 23 June 1989. He was raised in Traverse City, Michigan. He came out to his parents at the age of 18 and they weren’t supportive at all at that moment. Chasten said in an interview that his parents acted like they wanted him to leave the house.

This story of Chasten Buttigieg has definitely inspired many people in the USA who are facing issues in gender identity. He is 5 foot 6 inches tall and has a fit body.

Chasten Buttigieg’s Education:

Chasten Buttigieg completed his highschool in Germany as an exchange student. After which he joined the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire to complete his bachelor’s education. He completed his undergraduate education in theater and global studies. Following which he moved to Chigaco to complete his graduate degree at DePaul University.

Chasten Buttigieg’s Family:

Chasten Buttigieg’s father didn’t have an easy time growing up. In fact, he was so poor that he didn’t have enough money to keep himself clean and healthy. Nonetheless, Sherry Pelon, Chasten’s mom fell for him anyway. In his family, Chasten Buttigieg has two older brothers, Rhyan and Dustin.

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Chasten Buttigieg

Chasten has said that from a very young age he didn’t do the things that men of his age did. Since young, he was interested in Harry Potter books, movies, theatre, and Celine Dion. Multiple times he has expressed the story of his family not being there for him when he needed it.

Chasten’s story of coming out as gay:

The husband of the first openly gay election candidate in history realized his attraction towards men when he hit adolescence. However, he didn’t let anyone know about this until he was 18. He was bullied while in high school and called homophobic slurs.

When he couldn’t take it anymore he flew to Germany to complete his high school. After coming back to Traverse City after graduation was when the real pain began. He slowly let his friends know about him. Finally, one day he sat down with his family and passed a letter. However, after saying this he didn’t feel welcome.

Chasten and Pete Buttigieg,
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Chasten Buttigieg

Chasten said in an interview, “I remember my mom crying and the first thing she asked me was if I was sick. I think she meant, like, did I have AIDS?”

His brother’s remarks weren’t welcoming either. So, he decided to pack his bags and move out.

What was Chasten Buttigieg’s Maiden name?

Before getting married Chasten Buttigieg’s full maiden name was Chasten James Glezman.

Chasten and Pete’s life together:

Chasten and Pete met through a dating application called the hinge. Not a very typical love story, their story is full of fun and interesting thing. Chasten said that it was almost like love at first sight when Chasten went to Pete’s home to pick him up for a date. They definitely had their own share of pain and past story. However, at present, they are together and happier than ever.


Currently, Chasten Buttigieg helps Pete in his election campaigns and actively speaks against anyone who says anything bad about them. He is very active in social media, especially twitter. Their love story is one that has inspired many Americans as well as all the LGBT people around the world.