Everything to know about Australian Internet Sensation, Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow is a well-known internet personality in Australia. She is one of the most prominent Instagram models of Australia who came to fame after she started posting pictures of her pregnancy. As she regularly shares her workout details, she is one of the most inspiring fitness trainers too. Although she did not shine through her Youtube channel, she has collected more than a million subscribers on her YouTube channel in which she shares her workout vlogs.

fitness freak
Tammy Hembrow, Image Source: Mediakix

The popular fitness model, Tammy, was born on the 22nd of April, 1994, in Gold Coast, Australia. She holds an Australian nationality, and her ethnicity is a mixture of half-Trinidadian and half-Australian. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Professionally, she is well known as a fitness mentor, an entrepreneur, and a Gymshark athlete.

Body Measurements- Age and Height

With the towering height of about 5 feet 6 inches, Tammy Hembrow is able to win the hearts of millions on Instagram as well as YouTube. Also, her sexy body with the measurements of 34 inches chest, 26 inches hip, and 35 inches waist is able to capture the hearts of many. Also, she weighs around 50 kilograms, which is approximately 110 lbs. The blonde hair girl with the blue eyes wears a bra of the size of 32B.

Sexy Model
Tammy Hembrow’s Perfect and Fit Body, Image Source: Minimale Animale

Although Tammy is the mother of two, she maintains a perfect body. As she documented her pregnancy videos before and after her pregnancy, many women take her as a role model and a fitness trainer during their pregnancies. She has recorded and posted vlogs about the before and after pregnancy workout details on her Youtube channel.

Family Life

Tammy was born to father, Mark Hembrow, and mother, Nathalie Hembrow. Her father, Mark, is a well known Australian actor, writer, and musician. Nathaline comes from the Trinidad and Tobago ethnic background. Talking about her siblings, she has two sisters. She is the youngest of all. The name of her sisters is Amy Hembrow and Emilee Hembrow. Also, she has two younger half-sisters named Ava Thyne and Starlette Thyne.

In her podcast, ‘Hanging With the Hembrows, ‘she revealed that she was not rich in most of her childhood days. Her family did not have money at all. She also mentioned that she used to wash clothes in a bathtub.

Was In a Relationship with Reece Hawkings

Hembrow was in a relationship with a famous fitness trainer and a social media personality named Reece Hawking. Tammy and Reece first met at a party. It helped them to fall in love with each other. After a short time of dating each other, they decided to get engaged.

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Matter of fact, she was already pregnant during the time of her engagement. In 2016, Tammy and Reece gave birth to their son and named him Wolf Hawkins. Then, they gave birth to another child and named her Saskia Hawkins.

Tammy Hembrow and Reece Hawkins
Tammy Hembrow and Reece Hawkins along with their kids, Image Source: Pinterest

Although they had kids together, they could not last for a long time. They had to go through a lot to save their relationship. However, in 2018 Tammy revealed that they broke up and were not together anymore. Their breakup was a massive war on social media.

They concluded that they were cheating on each other. However, even after the breakup, they have frequent meet-ups due to their kids. Both of them often post on social media with their kids, also if they are not together.

Does Tammy Hembrow Have a Boyfriend in 2020?

The breakup of Tammy and Reece was pretty ugly and was a massive war on social media. There are millions of questions on media if Tammy is still single. But, after a year of the breakup with Reece, she was in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Jahkoy Palmer, who is a Canadian singer. But, they could not get along with each other for a long time too.

Tammy Hembrow and Jahkoy Palmer
Tammy Hembrow and Jahkoy Palmer, Image Source: Fresh24

In October 2019, they unfollowed each other on Instagram, and it looks like they unfollowed each other on the real-life also. However, an Instagram post that Jahkoy made in December 2019 asking Tammy to take him back was clear evidence that he wanted to get back with Tammy.

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But, they got seen celebrating New Year 2020 in Bali, Indonesia. Despite getting caught together on the social media platform, they have not confirmed their relationship yet.

Rumors about Hooking up with Tyga

After the big stories of Tammy and Tyga hooking up, there are rumors that the famous rapper, Tyga’s rap was about Tammy. However, Tammy confirmed in her podcast that the song was about them. But, the lyrics went too much “out of proportion.”

Tammy Hembrow Net Worth: $2 Million

Talking about the net worth of Tammy Hembrow, she has collected about $2 million as a net worth from her entire professional career. Being an internet personality, Tammy’s main source of income seems to be social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Particularly, her YouTube channel which is famous with her own name has millions of followers. As per the SocialBlade, her estimated yearly income is between $5,600 – $89,900, from her YouTube channel. On the other hand, she is also famous as an Instagram sensation. In particular, the Instagram personality having more than 100,000 followers can earn up to $5000 per post, being associated with different brands.

Tammy Hembrow Saksi
Tammy Hembrow Clothing Brand; Saksi

Moreover, she also owns a clothing line known as Saksi. Saksi is an online site in which she sells clothing and other apparel. She also sells clothes from her official sites and does the online transactions. Also, Tammy is the brand ambassador for several other fitness brands.


Although she never necessarily thought of revealing her assets like cars and house, she regularly flaunts her expensive iPhone 11 pro.

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