Everyday Objects you’ve been using Wrong

We think just because we’re humans, we’ve figured everything out.

If someone says no, we’d proudly give examples of exploring space, finding out the cure to numerous diseases, and what not.

It was impossible to capture an image of the black hole, and here we are making memes of the first image of the black hole.

The best thing human beings created has to be memes because what would we do without it.

However, coming back to the topic, no, we haven’t really figured things out. Especially the things that we use almost every day.

We’re so caught up with bigger things, we forget about the little things in life.

Honestly, what is the purpose of living, if you can’t even decode the most basic things in life?

There are a few things that we use almost every day, we feel like, yes, I’ve got it.

But have you really got it?

Because, if you think you’ve sorted your life out by figuring out the use of most common things in life, think again.

We’re here to tell you that there are a few everyday objects you’ve been using all wrong.

Storing of Peanut Butter.

The best thing about a toast for breakfast is peanut butter (at least for me). But we all have a huge problem with the all-natural peanut butter.

It always separates into oily and solid portions as soon as we try storing it.

Don’t know how to get rid of it?

Well, turns out, you’ve been storing it the wrong way all this time. To avoid the separation, simply store the jar upside down.


Clogged toilets can be a real big hazard for all of us. It can mess of the whole house if not treated right.

And the most common object we use to undo it is a round pink/red plunger.

Boy, are we using it wrong!

Turns out, the classic plunger we see lying around in every bathroom is not for the toilet after all.

They are actually designed for sinks.

The ones you need to unclog the toilet is the black ones or the flange plunger. It is made to unclog the toilet in no time.

No wonder nothing happens while I use the cup ones.

Soda Cans.

For all these years the soda cans were around here is a hack the companies kept secret for so long.

Remember the tabs soda cans have?

Well, they’re not just there for you to pull the lid off. If you twist it back, you can actually place your straw so it wouldn’t move.

Now you know.

Vegetable Peeler.

For all these years we thought the vegetable peeler is just to peel vegetables.

Oh, how have we underestimated the power of a simple vegetable peeler!

Turns out vegetable peeler is so much more than just an ordinary peeling device.

You can actually use the other side of the peeler to slice vegetables like onions or potatoes into really thin slices.

Now you can wave goodbye to knives.

Bobby Pins.

One of the most essential parts of almost every woman’s hair routine is the bobby pin.

These tiny black pins can not only save your hair from messing up but also a lot of other things. Like holding your loose shirt button, keeping your scarf intact, etc.

But, it doesn’t matter for what purpose you use it. What matters is how you use it.

And I can pretty much say I know you’ve been using it the wrong way. Because I know you’ve been using it with the wavy-side up.

If you truly want your bobby pins to grab on, use it wavy-side down.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge sucker for Toblerone chocolates. And when Joey asks Emily if he can have the huge piece of chocolate, I screamed I want it too.

But ever since I’ve known I’ve been eating it wrong, I haven’t been able to deal with it.

It’s more to do with how you break it then how you eat it. And if you like me have been snapping it outside of the box, we’re all doing it wrong.

The real way to snap it is by pushing the pieces towards the box. This breaks the pieces easily and you won’t make any crumbly mess.

Pasta Spoon.

If you’re like me, I can understand if cook either too much or too less. Because seriously no one has time to measure things, c’ mon.

And if you live alone and you’re one of those who just don’t know how much pasta to cook, I’ve got a hack for you.

Just measure the pasta by inserting it in the pasta spoon hole.

It gives the exact measurement of how much to cook for one person.

Bottom drawers of Ovens.

When you open the bottom drawer of an oven, you might probably find pots and pans lying around.

Because for years we’ve all thought it was a place to keep your utensils.

And yes, we’ve all been using it wrong all this time, once again.

The bottom drawer isn’t a place for your mom to store pots and pans. It’s actually a place where you can place your food to keep them warm.

So, when you’re done cooking everything else, you don’t have to reheat everything else.

Coca Cola.

For as long as Coca Cola’s have been around, all we’ve done is used as a beverage.

Despite knowing that it is the worst thing you can consume, we have no problem consuming it.

But there are some really great ways to use Coke other than drinking.

You can prevent asthma attack with it, or defrost a frozen windshield.

Remove blood stains from fabric, loosen a rusty bolt, clean greasy pans and pots.

You can also clean battery terminals in your car, take rust off of anything, and clean toilets.

And most surprisingly, you can neutralize a jellyfish sting. You don’t have to pee on yourself now that you know this.

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