Essential Art Supplies Required For Beginners

Schools teaches us drawing at a very small age.

However, during those days, we do not consider art supplies much essential for our artworks.

Perhaps, some of us don’t consider it even now because we don’t have interest in artworks.

But if you happen to have interest in art and want to become an artist, you must have art supplies with you.

The connection between quality art supplies and quality artwork become noticeable along the way.

If you are starting to get serious about artwork, you should consider art materials to have a better drawing.

Don’t worry even if you are a beginner. We will guide you through every steps of artwork.

So, let’s go through some of the essential art supplies required for a better artwork.


A Range of Graphic Pencils

Essential Art Supplies Required For Beginners

We’ll start off with most obvious and essential art supplies required for any type of artwork either be it painting or sketching.

Great graphite is an essential part of an artist’s tools.

For those who might not know, pencils have serious range that works for artwork.

You need to consider many things while selecting a pencil.

First of all you need to figure out your personal drawing style.

For instance, whether you are interested in tight, detailed drawing, or loose sketching.

Do you like thick, dark lines in the drawing or more like a rough sketch?

Meanwhile, in the course of your drawing you will figure out which one you like the most.

However, always keep in mind to use the variety of graphic pencils in your drawing to make it look more artistic.

For instance, an “H” pencil can be used for light sketching and “B” for capturing shadows.


Drawing Pad

A sketchbook is obviously one of the essential art supplies required by any artist.

Anyone, literally anyone can own drawing pad or sketchbook and call themselves an artist.

But, the truth is not everyone has the ability to fill it like a true artist himself.

However, like the graphic pencils, you need to consider certain things here as well.

For instance, at what size you feel comfortable to work? What quality you prefer to work?

If you draw enough, you will start to notice the scale in which you are comfortable.

Make sure you keep this thing in mind while selecting a sketchbook for your artwork.

You can also consider taking your art supplies with you while traveling, in a comfortable backpack.


A Charcoal

There are more options to black and white drawing other than drawing with graphite.

Charcoal is one of the essential art supplies that no artist would forget to purchase.

It provides a border range of value and mark-making which is not possible with graphite.

Charcoal comes in multiple forms, and each lends itself of drawing, whether it is for casual sketch or finished artwork.

For your drawing purpose you will require willow charcoal and compressed charcoal.

Willow charcoal is the more delicate form of charcoal that you won’t have to press hard on your page.

Whereas, compressed charcoal is powdered charcoal that produces deeper black tone.

So, like I said earlier you need to find your type of artwork and then select the art supplies you require.


A Superfluity of Pens

Essential Art Supplies Required For Beginners

Many artists might not require range of pens while doing their artworks, especially when it comes to sketches.

However, as a beginner to artwork, you require this art supplies in order to learn more about drawings.

While pencils have different grades of graphite that affects softness, thickness and darkness, pens vary in the width of their tip.

If you are a fan of bullet journal, you might have knowledge about range of pens.

It’s always best to have a thin-tipped pen that will help you achieve fine lines and details.

That’s because thick-tipped pens usually makes the artwork look massive and untidy.


An Eraser, Sharpener and Blending Stump

If you forget these art supplies while drawing, please don’t call yourself an artist.

You need to always make sure you have these essential on hand.

Consider white eraser to ensure that you don’t leave any pesky marks on your page.

For charcoal drawing, you’ll want a vinyl eraser as well as a kneaded eraser.

Make sure you have a sharper in front of you so that your pencil doesn’t get dull while working.

Additionally, you need a blending stump so that you don’t get your hand dirty while blending your work.

A tortillion is an alternative to smudging your pencil or charcoal without using your fingers.