English Culture in Eastern Society

english culture in eastern society

We live in a global community with people having different languages and cultures. Approximately, there are more than 6,500 languages spoken around the world by billions of people. Out of those languages, English language is the most used one.

Around 67 counties have their English as their official language, whereas, 27 counties have English as secondary language.

English language has become a non-separable part of our lives to communicate and exchange our ideas with each other. English language has helped us to actually broaden our world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country.

But does English language matters so much that we tend to judge people?

People are more towards adapting the western culture and their languages. They have started to forget their own mother language and culture, in order to familiarize English language and culture. Though, English is an easy and flexible medium to communicate, it is not necessary to totally get into it and forget the mother language.

These days, people have started to judge on the basis of your fluency in English. No matter how talented you are, if you cannot speak fluent English, you will not impress the opposite party. This kind of conception is specially seen in South Asian countries.

In these countries, whichever industry you choose to work or study, you will definitely get categorized on the basis of your English. No matter how talented student you are, if your English is not good, your teachers will not have a positive impressions about you.

No matter how good employee you are, or how good you are as a person, if your English is not good, you will never be good enough to impress your boss or your colleague.

It is often said “First impression is the last impression”. Nowadays, for people in Eastern Society, English has become the first and the last impression to just to judge someone.

Regardless, how economically sound you are or your country is, judging people just by their fluency in English is not a right thing to do.

So, why English Culture?

In fact, the most spoken language in the World is Chinese language. English language ranks in the third place. Without even one percent of Chinese people being able to speak fluent English, they have become one of the fastest growing economies in the World.

This is just an example, that people should no judge someone on the basis of their fluency in English. Fairly, people must praise for their ability, talent and passion over their work.

English is not barrier for anyone to perform their job or given task. Everyone must get equal chance on the basis of their talents and passion rather than their fluency in English.

Hereafter, for those who do not speak fluent English, do not let others to ruin your passion.

People are going to judge you one way or the other. Regardless what they say, keep your passion alive.