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End of The World: 7 Different Ways It Might Happen

We’ve all wondered at least once in our life how the world might end.

However, we all have various thoughts on how it will happen.

The end of the world could be through almost infinite ways.

Perhaps a meteorite will strike the earth or will it? Most certainly we might destroy the world ourselves with reckless carbon emissions and pollution.

Hence, I’ve listed down all the possible (mostly interesting) ways in which the earth could be destroyed.


1. Apocalypse or a Global Calamity

End of the world

With the global warming news and the increasing rate of natural disasters, it wouldn’t be dumb to imagine the end very soon.

The world is heating up and the only thing people seem to care about is the money.

Mass extinctions of animals are happening and if we don’t stop already, we will make the list very soon.

Another possibility of a tragic end of humanity is epidemics. Just like in the movies, a disease might infect the whole world.

These germs might spread all around the world and infect every single person until no one is left.

In the past there have been cases of Ebola epidemic, Influenza or AIDS. But we were able to control all of these.

But, there isn’t more time until the world is destroyed by this.


2. Alien Life Invasion

World Destruction by Aliens

With area 51 raid on the rise, how can we deny this very possibility.

There have been more and more cases reported of UFO sightings.

They might all be wrong, no doubt on that. But, we can never cross out the possibility of at least one alien life in this entire universe.

If this actually happens, will they kill us all or keep a few for regeneration? Or will we make them our allies like Asgard from the Marvel Comics?

The end of the world by the hands of aliens is possible. And if that happens, it might not be as interesting to watch as the movies.

That is, unless there are actual Superheroes and Avengers, killing them all before they kill us.


3. Supernova of the Sun

Supernova of the sun

The sun is dying.

Yes, even as you read this, the sun is burning itself for us.

The very existence of human life was possible because of the sun.

Without the sun, there would be no life possible.

But as I write, the hydrogen atoms reacting with the sun is depleting.

The scientists have predicted 7 to 8 billion of years before, the last fusion of these hydrogen atoms.

So, you might not die in the hands of the sun as it suicides but it is possible that some day the sun will execute the end of the world.


4. Strike by a meteorite

End of the world

Well if you have read the story of dinosaur extinction, you all heard of this possibility.

To be honest, the chances of world destruction by a meteorite anytime soon, is pretty slim.

It might not happen while we are alive, or even in a few hundred years.

Nevertheless, the history of the earth says a lot about the chances of it actually happening.

We should not forget about the advancements in science as well.

Scientists might develop technologies that will help destroy the comet even before entering earth’s atmosphere.

But there’s high probability that we won’t live enough to see that happen.


5. Engulfed by A Black Hole

World Destruction by black hole

Currently, the only one black hole nearest to our earth is billions of light years away.

The possibility of this grim faced hole meddling with our superstar- The sun is very very very slim.

In these billions of years that our galaxy has formed and evolved, there has been no encounters with any such black hole.

Because if there were any, I wouldn’t be writing this down nor would you have the chance to read it.

So, the possibility of the end of the world engulfed by a black hole is there.

Fortunately, not at present or anytime soon. But after billions of years, if our earth holds up with the violence by humanity, we might get eaten by this monster.


6. World War III

Nuclear blast

A nuclear war might not destroy the whole world, but it sure will destroy the humanity.

Without the people on it, the earth is just another planet.

The world is alive because of the people on it.

There has been constant war raising among powerful countries. Unfortunately, these countries have nuclear weapons to destroy the planet.

So, it’s only a matter of time until the world is destroyed by the fire raising amongst these nations.

The end of the world could be nearer with World War III, just around the corner.


7. Artificial Intelligence

World destroyed by robots

Could we just stop for a moment and think about how smart Sophia is?

Stephen P. Hawkins, stated before he died that unless humans find other planets to live in, within a hundred years, the possibility of getting killed by our own creations is at large.

The end of the world could very well be like the movies. The earth could be destroyed by the robot army.

With Artificial Intelligence on the loose, we are giving them more information than needed.

Additionally, we are providing them with intelligence to use these knowledge against us.

Artificial Intelligence gives these robots the power of analysing and thinking.

So, with robots that are smarter than us, the end of the world by machines with brains is a work in progress.