El Silbo Gomero: Whistling Language of La Gomera

El Silbo Gomero

Communication these days is becoming more subtle and advanced. Seven thousand one hundred and eleven languages are spoken in the world. However, Silbo whistling is one of a kind. A Spanish island is now undergoing a revival, an ancient whistling language that once seemed dead.

Does whistle language translator is in the market? Language translator is in the research phase to develop such an advanced way of communication. There are many translators such as ZYLFN, mesay 3.0 in the online shop, but the Silbo Gomero translator is yet to come.

Art of Communication – Silbo Whistling

Silbo Gomero is a unique form of whistling communication used in La Gomera for thousands of years. Moreover, Castilian Spanish has transmitted a variety of whistles. Silbo has always been a method of communication, and it is taught from generations.

Silbo language way of communication
Silbo language way of communication, BBC

Since 1999 the government of Spain has made it to the school subject. Silbo Gomero is the only whistled language throughout the world today. About 22,000 people are calculated to speak correctly. If you walk in the la Gomera mountain, you will hear the whistles of many people having general communication.

Children at schools in the Spanish Canary Island of La Gomera are learning an ancient local language
Children at schools in the Spanish Canary Island of La Gomera are learning an ancient local language, BBC

The Practice of fascinated communication has amazed the world. We can understand the unlimited potential of the human mind. In most of the language, whistles are generally used for calling people.

Also, Julien Meyer has identified that more than seventy groups in the world has used silbo whistling to express their communication.

The whistled sounds allow herdsmen to communicate over deep ravines, and they are so near to the local birdsong. Meyer finished his Ph.D. in silbo Whistling. He’s still amazed by the style. Once he said  “I didn’t think that one day it would give me a job,”

“Their speech is like no other in the world: it is like the squeaking of bats – Herodotus”

According to scientific research, the mastery of silbo demonstrates how human beings’ brains can decode the sophisticated sound algorithm.

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Ancient origins

Canary Island people developed the silbo language. The Guanches to communicate through gorges and precipices without physically having to go there. Also, It initially recreated the aboriginal language, Canarian Berber.

Silbo Gomero tradition has passed down from father to son to present dates. Now, it has become a staple of Canarian culture.

Gomer0 Sign of Identity

Silbo Gomera is one of the Canary Island ancient culture. Moreover, If you want to hear about yourself this unique language, then you should be walking around the mountains of the Canary Islands. You can also take part in some of the traditional festivities on the island, which often feature exhibits as part of the entertainment.

How to Speak Whistling Langauge?

Yes, we wonder who speaks this language anyway. Moreover, it is tough even to prepare a useful program for the whistling language.

On the other hand, there is very little known of this as an example La Gomera has the best known whistling language in the world, but even on this island, just a handful of older men see this language.

Only a few young people out there are lucky enough to learn this persuasive language because they are familiar with the older man.

Indeed, Professor Meyer has figured out that whistling languages is in every corner of the world but has not worked as fine as Silbo Gomero. The whistles can travel much further than normal speech – as far as 8km (5 miles) in open conditions.

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