Most popular Egyptian symbols for tattoos and their meanings

Egyptian Tattoos
Egyptian Tattoos

Have you thought of getting ancient Egyptian symbols for tattoos? When it comes to choosing a tattoo design, you can enjoy complete freedom and choose anything you want. However, if too many designs have confused you, we suggest ancient Egyptian symbols can also be a great idea. And remember, Egyptian tattoos are quite popular across the world.

If you are fascinated by ancient history and want to get ancient Egyptian symbols for tattoos, visit a reputable tattoo shop today. However, if you think you lack knowledge about it, then here is some research on Egyptian tattoo symbols.

The Ankh, ancient Egyptian symbol

Ankh is one of the most popular symbols of ancient Egyptian history. If you are watching the symbol for the first time, it may seem ordinary as it comes with only a stick figure without legs. The symbol held significant meaning for ancient Egyptians.

ancient Egyptian Ankh symbol
The Ankh

For ancient Egyptians, the symbol of Ankh was considered a symbol of eternal life. Ancient Egyptians believed the Ankh symbol provided protection in their journey from the Earth to Heaven. Ankh is one of the best Egyptian tattoos that you can choose to do.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is one of the most popular ancient symbols of Egypt. Moreover, you might have seen it in videos or images. The structure comprises a human head attached to the body of a lion. Historians aren’t clear about its significances but many believe it was constructed as a symbol of guards of the great Pyramids.

Image of sphinx
Sphinx statue

The Sphinx can be a great choice for you if you are looking for one of the best Egyptian tattoos. A full-figured Sphinx will be a good choice if you consider a large tattoo. The head of the Sphinx can be perfect for a small-sized tattoo. You may google sphinx tattoos to see how they look on different body parts.

Anubis for Egyptian tattoo

Like many other mysterious ancient Egyptian symbols, the statue of Anubis holds a significant mystery to it. If you look at the image of Anubis, you will find a figure with the human body and a dog’s head. Anubis was considered as the protector of dead people. You can encounter the statue of Anubis in almost all Pyramids of Egypt. It is one of the best ancient Egyptian symbols you can pick for a tattoo. It will signify a symbol of protection.

picture of anubis

The Phoenix

You might have heard the story of this legendary creature that had risen from the ashes and came back to life. Tattoo artists across the world use the symbol as a sign of resurrection. And the symbol of this mythical bird bears a lot of significance even today. You can give it a space in your body if you like this ancient Egyptian symbol. It can be a great tattoo for your upper arm or your back if you want it in a larger form.

Egyptian mythical bird phoenix

The King Tut

The famous king Tutankhamen can be a good face in your body if you have a love for ancient Egyptian tattoos. The youngest king of ancient Egypt was a symbol of power, loyalty, and hedonism. You can use a different colour to make the tattoo of King Tut attractive. The tattoo of King Tut is best for men, as it symbolizes power and domination.

King Tut
King Tut

These are many Egyptian tattoos to choose from. You can visit a reputable tattoo shop to find the different forms of Egyptian tattoo. Make sure that the artist you have chosen has worked on such tattoos before to ensure no mistake. Also, check the link for things to know about getting a tattoo:

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