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Dumbest Things Guys do to Impress a Girl.

dumbest things guys do

A guy going out of his way and doing the dumbest thing to impress a girl is honestly not a new thing. It all began when Adam ate the forbidden apple for Eve, and that is how we know that men, no matter how tough and superior they act, are a little dumb for women.

There are countless things guys do or say that they think impresses girls, but really, who are we even kidding?

Pro tip guys, girls don’t really care if you have 6 pack abs coming out of your stomach or have that beer belly and a little dad-bod situation going on. What matters is the values you have and the way you behave in every situation, with everyone.

But this is where guys tend to take things differently. I don’t know where they get their ideas from but doing shots on shots, flashing diamond watches and buying everyone drink at the club, catcalling women, disrespecting and insulting others, and acting like a macho man won’t do.

Being yourself is the best thing you can do to impress a girl, however, if you’re everything we’ve mentioned above in real life, I’m sorry to say but you’re never finding love, love.

Here are 8 dumbest things guys do to impress a girl but seriously need to stop, asap.


Pretend to listen.

Mm-hmm, yes, she said that? And what happened? These are just somethings guys ask you when they’re pretending to listen to a conversation they’re having with a girl.

Listening to a girl blabbering on about everything is a tough task, I’ll give you that. But doing it for real does impress a girl.

However, pretending to listen to her, all the while staring at her chest is a big no-no.


Do everything a girl tells him to do.

Everyone has their own choices and preferences in everything they do. Whether it’s food, fashion, hobbies, or anything at all.

But trying to impress a girl, guys sometimes tend to go out of their way and do things that they usually never do.

It is cute when you buy your girl some flowers or gifts, take her out for dinner, or make tiny gestures to let her know you care.

But getting piercings, tattooing their names in your body, traveling thousands of miles, buy her things, take her places, etc. just because a girl who is not your girlfriend tells you to do, you’re only ending up in the friend zone my friend.


Flash riches that’s not theirs.

A self-made successful man is someone every woman keeps her eyes on. They’re attractive because the money they’ve earned, is with their own hard work and dedication, that is what women seek.

But showing off the watches, the outfit, the cars, and the phones your father gave you is a big turn off for a lot of women.

Moreover, asking your friend or your siblings to lend you their things just so you could impress a girl, no.


Call themselves “Feminists”

There is a fine line in actually believing in something and pretending to do so. And men pretending to understand feminism and be one is probably the biggest turnoff.

Being a feminist is not about trying to impress a girl, it is about believing that men and women are indeed equal and also showing it in behavior.

But just telling a girl that you’re a feminist all the while opposing every feminist opinion or comments doesn’t make you either a feminist or attractive.


Act tough.

Men might be physically stronger than women but it’s not that important to boast over the fact.

Guys acting tough might’ve been a real turn on in high school but grown men should do it a little less.

Being aggressive over little things, making a scene, getting into fights, and beating people up is something only you think is attractive to women, trust me, it’s not.

So, stop acting tough and start acting real.


Make racist and inappropriate jokes.

A man with a good sense of humor is probably the sexiest thing in this world. And the ability to make the girl you like laugh is one way you can get into her heart.

However, there is always a thin line that most men do not realize even in humor. You cannot make terrible racist and really inappropriate jokes in front of a girl you like in hopes of impressing her. That is a big red flag.


Act too interested or too uninterested.

This might be a little confusing to all the men out there who are looking forward to impressing a girl. How can we not act interested and why would we be uninterested, right?

Well, there are a few guys who are constantly texting or calling the girls they like even if they’re not their girlfriends.

It’s nice to let them know that you’re interested and want to know more about her. But being a clingy person who is constantly giving too much attention is a big turn off. So, try to tone it down a little.

And since men like to act tough, they sometimes make the mistake of ignoring the person they like and become too distant.

This is fine if you’re not looking for anything serious, but if you really like her, don’t ignore her and start getting interested in things she likes and says.


Send Nudes.

The biggest red flag a guy can get while trying to impress a girl is when he becomes a little too sexual and graphic. And without much conversation decides to send racy and sexually explicit pictures, in short nudes.

No, a woman most definitely doesn’t want to see what you’ve got underneath your drawers. So, it is safe to keep the things in their own places completely away from the camera at least.

If the girl is interested, she might ask them herself and maybe even send you hers’. But if this conversation never happened, it’s better never to do it and keep your nudes from leaking online.

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