Dream Employee: How To Make Your Boss Happy?

Dream Employee Traits

Who does not want to be a dream employee? Make your boss happy to be a dream employee. Sometimes it happens that your boss does not notice your contribution. This is, in fact, a demoralizing one. You should not assume that your boss will see for himself that you are doing a good job. This is a big mistake that many employees often make. Your boss does not have the time or presence of mind to constantly analyze everything you do. He is mainly preoccupied with his day-to-day concerns and ongoing files.

Happy Employees

Do you want your boss to see you for what you are worth? So you need to ensure that your successes are visible. There are indeed some dream employee traits. You should follow the dream employee traits to make your boss happy and become a happy employee.

These tips will help you increase your visibility without making you look arrogant or pretentious.

 Tips To Be A Dream Employee To Make Your Boss Happy

Identify Your Successes To Be A Successful Employee

If you want to make yourself visible, you need to communicate about your successes and qualities. Men are generally very good at this. Women, on the other hand, tend to downplay their successes. Women tend to downplay their successes, and when they are complimented, they say, “Oh, but it’s not incredible, anyone could do it” or “I didn’t do it alone, we acted as a team”. If someone compliments you, say something like “Thank you, I’m also happy with the result”. Being a happy employee is a unique dream employee trait.

No, Dream Employee Are Not Modest At All Costs

Visibility and modesty do not go hand in hand. But that does not mean you have to be arrogant and always looking for popularity. Opt for a subtle balance between invisibility and humility on the one hand, and visibility and boastfulness on the other. All of this, of course, presupposes that you are honest with yourself about your strengths and talents. Right? Happy Employee?

Dream Employee Allows Others To Be Successful

Do not just be happy and proud when you are successful. Congratulate others as well. Furthermore, put yourself in a very cooperative side. As a human, certainly, you will fill happiness to congratulate your successful colleagues.

Tell Your Colleagues What You Are Busy Doing And How You Are Doing It

Do you stay working in your corner without anyone knowing what you’re doing? It doesn’t make sense: how do you want your colleagues to know you’re working hard? Plus, they won’t be able to give you useful advice that would save you valuable time. Take advantage of team meetings to tell your colleagues what you are doing. These act certainly makes your boss happy.

Keep Your Boss Informed And Make Your Boss Happy

Your boss also has a right to know what you are doing. You will proceed in different ways depending on his character. Is he or she a person who appreciates it when you tell him or her what you are doing? Is he more formal and does he content himself with e-mails with the status of your various tasks? Finally, he may not be a good ‘people manager’ and finds such updates a waste of time. In that case, simply copy him on all the e-mails he needs to be kept informed about. Not sure what approach to take? Ask colleagues who know him well. Thus if you keep your boss informed, you can make your boss happy.

Have You Carried Out A Project Successfully? Let Them Know

Have you completed a project that is of interest to your boss or colleagues? Send them an e-mail to let them know. It should be both informative and concise. Do not start by bragging. This kind of attitude is not very popular. Is the project interesting for the whole organisation? Contact the communication department to have a message published on the intranet or in the staff magazine. This is indeed one of the great dream employee traits. Be a happy employee by informing them how you have carries out successfully.

A Dream Employee always Ask for feedback

Did you process a case? Ask your boss and colleagues what they think. This will allow you to once again focus on what you have accomplished. Besides, you may receive useful information to make it even better.

Taking Initiative Always Makes Your Boss Happy

Some tasks may not be included in your job description. You can still turn them to your advantage. Is there a project that interests you and to which you know that management attaches a lot of importance? Bring it to the table without any hesitation and complete it to be a dream employee.

Be A Happy Employee And Dare to be different

You have to stand out from the others. If you blend in, you cannot show how you are different from your colleagues. Do not be afraid to stand out, don’t exaggerate too much and just be yourself. Yes, being yourself you can easily dare to be different. Everyone indeed appreciates a positive difference. Thus you can make your boss happy.

A Dream Employee Is Always Trustworthy

The people around you need to be able to count on you. Your trademark must be permanently identifiable and professional. So be trustworthy. Earn everyone’s trust and make your boss happy. When your boss is happy, you can certainly be a happy employee.

Give Your Opinion Very Positively

Dare to ask questions and give your opinion during meetings even if it differs from that of others. Do you decide to speak up? Use understandable terms, be articulate and do not speak too quickly. If you feel that you are speaking slowly, your interlocutors will understand you perfectly.

Do Not Sit Next To The Same People In Meetings All The Time

Why not sit next to a colleague you do not know, the chairman or even the director? Always sit beside those colleagues you know them very less. Improve socialization in the office also.

Ask For Advice On What Colours To Wear

You certainly know the best way to dress and the outfits in which you feel best. However, professional advice about what colours to wear never will hurt you. It will bring new ideas to you. Your visibility will be enhanced if you wear colors that showcase you or that your boss likes.

Take Advantage Of Evaluations

Do you think your boss is not sufficiently aware of your achievements? Make a list of the projects you have completed and talk about them when you evaluate your performance. But remember, be very positive when you express about your performance.

The Great Danger Of Google

The  Google World Wide Web sees everything. The traces left by your internet searches take a very long time before disappearing completely. An embarrassing comment in a guestbook about drug use may play tricks on you afterwards! Make sure you contribute to the promotion of your image. Feel like you are exaggerating?

Celebrate Your Successes

When you complete a project, share the moment with your colleagues. Yes, bring the whole department together for a drink, it will help to have a good time and increase your visibility. This is also one of the significant dream employee traits.

Do you want to get more ideas? You can follow some business etiquettes, which will certainly help to to be a successful employee.

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