Do You Have a Habit of Snoring? The Solutions to the Problem

Have you ever wondered why people snore? If you also snore, then that’s not only your problem. Half of the United States population snore. So, what makes a person snore. Well, Snoring happens when a person breathes from their throat. When the air flows through our throat, it vibrates and causes harsh, irritating snoring.

It has always been a problem for the people who don’t snore, sleeping near the person who snores. If you sleep alone and if snoring doesn’t bother you, then it’s ok. But if you are going through hard snoring problems, then you can’t just ignore it. Sometimes, snoring could be a sign of your serious health condition. Snoring could take place due to obstructive sleep apnea, obesity, and sleep deprivation. Also, it happens according to the structure of your mouth, nose or throat.

Let’s discuss the remedies of Snoring below.

1. Losing Weight

Overweight is one of the leading factors that cause snoring. If you start doing daily exercises, then the tissues in the throat will get reduce.

Losing weight is one remedy to stop snoring
Losing weight is one remedy to stop snoring
Image Source: Health Tips

Due to this, the air could easily flow pass through your nose that will stop to make you snore while you are sleeping. Also, doing exercises will make your body warm which makes the airflow smooth in your body.

2. Sleeping On Your Side

The second remedy for snoring could be a perfect sleeping position. When we sleep uncomfortably on our back, it causes our tongue to move back towards the throat. Because of this, the airflow of our body gets blocked partially that causes snoring. If you sleep comfortably, then the air could flow easily through your body that will surely stop your snoring.

3. Raising Up The Head

Raising up the head while you are sleeping could be a better option for us to get rid of snoring. We can use pillows to keep our heads above the bed. When we sleep like that, we can breathe easily. Inhaling the air is just one side of a coin. Raising up the head while sleeping enables to exhale our breath more smoothly and properly.

4. Avoiding Alcohol

As per some researches, drinking Alcohol before going to the bed is one of the reasons that cause snoring. For those who consume alcohol, we suggest not to consume it for two hours before going to bed. Consuming alcohol can make our heartbeat fast, which will increase our blood pressure as well. Due to this, the floatation of air in our body could get effected, which will directly cause snoring.

5. Smoking can cause Snoring Problem

You believe it or not but Smoking is one strong component that causes snoring. It is always taken as an unhealthy habit. Many of you who smoke every day have to understand that it affects the breathing system of our body directly.

stop smoking to get rid of snoring
stop smoking to get rid of snoring
Image Source: The Economic Times

Our throat tissues could burn while smoking and it can also cause cancer. We can use gum or patches to avoid smoking.

6. Practice Good Sleep to Get Rid of Snoring Problem

A normal person must sleep for 7/8 hours a day in order to have a good sleep. Poor sleep is not any different than drinking alcohol. It has the same effects on our bodies. When we keep working for a long and hardly take rest, the muscles of our body become floppier that causes snoring. So, we suggest you sleep enough in order to ignore snoring.

7. Keeping Nasal Passages Open

While going to bed, always keep your nasal passages open that allows the air to flow through your whole body. If the nasal passages are blocked due to cold or other things, the fast-moving air can cause snoring. You can take a hot shower prior to going to bed that will help to open your nasal passages. People also use nasal strips in order to avoid snoring.

8. Drinking Enough Water to Avoid Snoring Problem

One of the most important things to avoid snoring is drinking as much water as possible. When you don’t drink enough water, the nose palate becomes stickier which can create snoring.

Drinking enough water can help you avoid snoring
Drinking enough water can help you avoid snoring
Image Source: Medical News Today

To ignore this, you can drink about 11 cups of water if female or 16 cups of water if male. Keeping our body hydrated is one remedy of snoring.


These are some essentials to stop snoring if it is bothering you. We can also use other techniques to stop snoring. If you are going through some serious conditions of snoring, then you must consult with your nearest doctor.

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