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By the End of the Year, Disney is Shutting Down its Streaming Service Hotstar

By the End of the Year, Disney is Shutting Down its Streaming Service Hotstar

The switch of traditional cable to streaming services has revolutionized the way of consuming TV and movies. The viewership boom has brought new services along with easier options to access any kind of content. However, all offerings as the traditional cable will not be around forever. 

Disney Announcement:

By the end of the year, Disney will be shutting down one streaming service. According to the announcement, On 31 August, it will be shutting down its standalone Hotstar streaming service in the U.S. By late 2022, the channel that telecasts live cricket matches and South Asian programs will disappear. 

However, it won’t let its fan in the dark. As to Shuffle the programming service the company laid out its plan. Furthermore around sending live cricket over, Disney+streaming bundle, and other shows and movies. 

Subscriber of Hotstar will get access to Disney:

The Indian Express

The current subscriber of Hotstar who doesn’t pay for Disney+ streaming will get access. There won’t be any additional charge to the platform through the end of their paid subscription. Furthermore, the package includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. 

This move will allow the popular content to reach a broader audience and make the enticing package to current subscribers. The move expands upon the diverse and rich catalog of stories and live events across Disney. It also provides a platform for South Asian content to reach broader audiences. 

No Change in Price:

There is no change in cost when the Hotstar standalone service is shut down. As the content may be shuffled around when the service is shut down. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the price will remain at $13.99 per month for the Disney+ combo. 

However, this change is not significant. In August, during the quarterly earring of the company, the Hotstar subscriber make up 40% of the 116 million subscribers to Disney Plus. Furthermore, during the quarters of this year, the disappearing service has accounted for the new subscriber. 

The New Streaming Service Contains Much of Hostar Content:

You are lucky if you get back into streaming your favorite shows. As much of the content will release on a rolling basis. Also, including the Indian adaption of The Office, City of Dreams, Ok Computer, Live Telecast, and Out of love will be available to Hulu subscribers.

It is based on Variety reports of BBC services  Dr. Foster. Furthermore, cricket is streaming on ESPN+, including the VIVO IPL events, BCCI home tours for the Indian national team, and the International cricket council. Also, the IPL season will live stream on the platform. 

 Moreover, the customer who doesn’t want to carry out a Hotstar subscription into Disney+ can opt-out by the last of September. Also, the customer who had already receive the service will automatically receive a prorated refund. 

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