Different Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

There are so many types of tea you can find around the world.

Most of us have different taste and we like different flavors.

However, the types of tea leaves found in certain regions are similar.

For instance the most popular tea in Japan is Green tea.

But the most popular tea in the UK is black tea.

There are reasons why people prefer certain type of tea apart from the taste factor.

Teas have different health benefits as well. So, read below what benefit does your favorite tea have on your health.


1. Green tea:

Different Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

Green tea might not be the best tea for you if you love sweetened or milk beverages.

Nonetheless, you surely would like to try it if you know the health benefits that it has.

Especially when you are using green tea leaves to make the tea.

There are many types of green tea leaves, try to find someone that sells organic teas.

Green tea has proven health benefits like fat loss, killing bacteria, lowering risk of type 2 diabetes and also cancer preventing elements.

People in Asia very frequently consume green tea because it has been carried down in the culture as well.

However, doctors advise you to take it only in moderate terms since it can also lower down your blood pressure drastically.


2. Black Tea:

Similar to green tea, black tea also has significant impact on improving one’s health.

However, adding a lot of sugar in your tea might not help you get the best results.

Taken in a moderate manner, it can help you bring down your cholesterol level.

Similarly, it also improves your gut health reduce blood pressure and reduce the chances of cancer.

One of the benefits of drinking this tea is that it is very easy to make.

There are many types of black tea leaves that you can find in the market.

It is better if you get leaves rather than tea bags.


3. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is made out of dried chamomile flowers.

Scientists are researching on the health benefits of this tea.

Although it cannot substitute medicines, it can be used to relieve certain type of pain.

However, we should understand that these teas are not for everyone.

Chamomile tea contains flavonoids and it plays a huge role in the medicinal effects.

So, one should be careful of certain allergic reactions.

There are so many benefits to this tea. Similar to other teas, it also helps in lowering blood sugar level.

Women also use it to reduce their menstrual pain since, it can reduce inflammation.

Many use it to treat certain kind of skin conditions. People also drink this tea to get better sleep.


4. Peppermint Tea:

Different Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

Peppermint tea has various kinds of essential oils in them.

It contains menthol which has a cooling property.

Although we often drink it for the cooling flavor this tea has several health benefits as well.

This type of tea can help in the digestion process and also has been recorded to healing migraine headaches.

If you think you normally have bad breath try this out, it can help clear it out.

Similarly, you can also use it to relieve your clogged sinuses as well as menstrual cramps.

So, with these unlimited health benefits and a very distinct taste you should definitely try this tea.


5. Lemon Balm Tea:

Different Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

Lemon balm tea is made out of the leaves that is also used in making of medicines.

It has chemicals that have sedative and cooling effects. Many use in the flavouring of food items.

People also use it to cure anxiety and some effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

It might also help in reducing insomnia and indigestion. This tea basically helps you calm down and reduces stress.


6. Hibiscus Tea:

Different Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

This tea is made out of dried parts of hibiscus flower.

The flavour of this tea is very similar to cranberries.

You can either drink this tea hot or cold as you prefer.

However, there are many type of hibiscus plants that can be used to make tea.

The proven health benefits of this tea is that it helps reduce blood pressure.

Likewise, it also helps people with weight loss.

Similar to the various types of tea leaves mentioned above, hibiscus has some impact on reducing cancer possibilities. More importantly it is very easy to make.


7. Sage Tea:

Different Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

From a family of mint plants, people make sage tea out of the leaves of the common sage plant.

The major benefits of sage tea is the anti inflammatory properties that it has.

It can help in the healing of skin wounds and improve the oral health.

There also have been claims of it reducing cancer causing properties and reducing blood pressure levels.

In early pregnancy stages, it is known for reducing nausea.