David Koechner Bio: Wife, Net Worth, Movies, Kids, Height and Career

David Koechner

Best known for his role in Anchorman, David Koechner is one of the best comedians in Hollywood. He was born in Tipton and grew up there with his family and two brothers and three sisters. Throughout his career, comedic roles have been his forte. David Koechner’s role in The office as Todd Packer is another one of his memorable roles.


Recently, he and his wife Leigh Koechner got separated through a divorce this January. The couple had been together for about 22 years before deciding to split. Leigh has started a youtube channel where she talks about getting through a divorce.

Koechner’s Childhood:

The 57-year-old actor was born in Tipton Missouri on August 24, 1962. Tipton is a fairly small town with a population of about 3387 people. The town generally was a predominantly German-American society. He was born to his parents, Cecil and Margarette.

David Koechner is the 3rd of their 6 children. He grew up helping his father in his business or producing Turkey Coops. Additionally, his parents decided to raise him Catholic. He is from an American, Irish and English descent.

Koechner’s Education:

David Koechner joined the University of Missouri to complete college. He studied political science at Benedictine College.

David Koechner
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David Koechner

As soon as he was done with college, he moved to Chigaco to pursue comedy. At Chicago, he was instructed by Del Close on ImprovOlympics where he still performs his comedy. Furthermore, he graduated from The second city comedy troupe in Chicago in 1994.

David Koechner Wife, family and kids:

David married Leigh during 1997. But recently David has filed for divorce with his wife of 22 years. David even has a tattoo of Leigh’s name on his arms inside a heart. The tattoo is surrounded by their children’s names outside the heart.

 David Koechner and Leigh Koechner File Divorce
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They met on an airplane and soon married each other after that. The couple also expected their first child in a small period of time. Now they have 5 children together. Leigh Koechner is a writer and producer although through her youtube channel she has gained her followers.

She even has worked in several movies like The comebacks. However, she hasn’t really been active in her acting career. Leigh also has a website of her own where she posts her works in podcasts and writings.

“Divorce sucks, but we don’t have to suffer,” said Leigh Koechner in a tweet. She has started a series on YouTube in which she talks about how to get over a divorce.


David Koechner Net Worth:

Koechner has accumulated a net worth of $5 million. A few of his works with the box office collection are as follow:

  • Anchorman (2004): 90.6 million USD, Budget: 26 million USD
  • Anchorman (2013): 173.6 million USD, Budget: 50 million USD
  • Get Smart (2008): 230.7 million USD, Budget:  80 million USD
  • A Haunted house(2013) : 60.1 million USD, Budget: 2.5 million USD

He also performs his comedy acts on the Los Angeles comedy club from time to time. David Koechner has a house in Los Angeles California.

Koechner’s Height and measurement:

David Koechner said in an interview with Conan O’Brien that his height was 6ft 2 inches. He said, ” Charlie’s now 6’4, I’m 6’2 so every day he says, how’s it going down there dad?” Charlie is David’s oldest child.

David Koechner’s Career:

Koechner started becoming interested in comedy once he started studying improvisational comedy in Chicago. He performed sketch comedy for a long time at Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien before appearing in small roles on TV. In the mid-1990’s he was trying to bag a show that could pump up his career. He ended up getting a few roles in movies such as Wag the Dog, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Man on the Moon.


David later became friends with Dave ‘Gruber’ Allen and began performing as a duo. They got very popular and were also invited to open for Tenacious D.

David Koechner Movies and shows:

In 2004, David got his first big break from the movie Anchorman in which he played Champ kind. After which he started appearing in comedic shows and movies. He starred together with Alan in the sketch comedy Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show at Comedy Central for a year. However, he was deeply criticized for his work in The comebacks (2014). The movie got them a rating of 9% on rotten tomatoes.

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David Koechner

David Koechner is also widely recognized for his role in “The office”. In “The Office”, David Koechner plays the role of Todd Packer. Packer in the show is extremely alcoholic, boorish and also sexually promiscuous. He worked together with Alanna Ubach, Nick Swardson, Affion Crockett, Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins in the movie A haunter house in 2013.

David Koechner and football:

David Koechner is a big fan of football games. He is also one of the Kansas City Cheifs fans but also loves the Kansas City Royals.