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Data Security for Retailers: Is Your Business Secure?

data security for retailers
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The data security of your retail business website is of immense importance. In the modern internet world, most transactions are done online.

People like to make payments online but, that comes with a few problems. The entire ecommerce sector is on the constant radar of cybercriminals.

Those ultimate opportunists do not want to miss a chance to steal user data and confidential information.

Owning a business, a retailer has to ensure that their website is safe and free from spyware.

But, how will a layman know what to do to protect their website?

Do not worry because we are going over a few points to help you make your data extremely secure.

Get a modern payment system.

Swift payment processing systems are beneficial for both you and the customer. A speedy payment will help them save time and have a good impact on their mindset.

Modern payment systems such as debit cards and credit cards are more convenient than traditional bank RTGS/NEFT. Customers do not have to fill up forms to make a purchase; instead, they can do it through their debit/credit cards.

You should also make your website compatible with third-party applications as most people have them installed on their phones.

Follow data privacy laws and legislations.

Customers are aware of online fraud, and governments worldwide have never been more actively participating in monitoring online transactions than now.

Governments are ready to go places to keep consumer’s data security intact. So, it is better to keep up to date with the terms and conditions of privacy laws.

You must train your employees to comply with data protection laws and do everything necessary to satisfy them.

Otherwise, customers of 2020, if cheated, do not take much time in filing a lawsuit on businesses.

Take protective measures for customer payment protection.

If a customer feels vulnerable to theft, they might never visit that website again. Moreover, they would tell their friends and family not to visit the website.

To avoid it, it is best to keep your payment gateway page protected through firewall security.

Firewall security provides a secure network that will stop random visitors from accessing card information and helps in keeping hackers at bay.

Moreover, you should monitor your website regularly for security concerns and software updates.

The more protective your payment gateway page is, the better image you form in the prospective minds.

Protect your website from data thefts 

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Data thefts are quite common these days. They do substantial damage to websites by stealing confidential information like credit card details, health status, email addresses, and much more.

The best way to keep your website protected from data breaches is by getting a SSL certificate.

Their SSL certificate comes with optimum security features that encrypt your data and sends it over a secure network, keeping your data safe.

Moreover, set rigid password standards and ask users to enter unique passwords containing both numbers and alphabets.

Avoid giving administrative access to other people.

Your retail business data security purely depends upon how many people can access your website.

Since it’s your business, nobody can be more skeptical about its security than you. Do not give admin access to people whom you cannot trust.

The fewer people know your admin password, the better and safer it is. You can install a two-factor authentication system where you can keep track of who accesses your website and what time.

You can use Virtual Private Network to keep hackers away from your website. It will help keep your website protected.

Deliver what you promise 

Although customer satisfaction is not directly connected to data security, it is essential for long-term business growth.

A business that does not deliver its promise experiences a lot of bounce rate, which is neither healthy for its website rankings nor its reputation.

To create an optimum customer experience, your website must have an easy navigation system, a secure checkout page, a well-designed landing page, and multiple ways to contact customer care.

If your business website has all these things intact, you have a better chance of retaining your customers than your competition.

Pay attention to software patch updates.

I know how annoying updating software patches at regular intervals are, but software companies send patch updates to keep your website protected.

Patch updates comply with the latest hacking trends as hackers keep inventing new ways to breach software.

If you avoid these software patch updates, your website will get vulnerable to data thefts, and by doing that, you are also putting your customer’s data in danger along with your own.

Make sure that you are keeping all your website data safe by taking care of security patches.

Do not use an open Wi-Fi network.


Open Wi-Fi networks look safe, but, in reality, they are not. Try not to use any available open network such as coffee shop Wi-Fis because most probably coffee shop owners do not set security standards on their Wi-Fis, leaving users vulnerable to data thefts.

Moreover, some networks are artificially created by hackers to trip users in their web and then access their device and data.

If you can’t stay away from using the internet, it is better to use your smartphone’s portable hotspot.

4G networks are significantly safer and better than open networks as you can always protect them with your password.

To Conclude

Data security is the biggest concern for most retail businesses these days. Cybercrimes are rising as technology is progressing.

To protect your retail website from hackers, you must strengthen your payment system. You should allow users to choose from various options such as debit card/credit card, third party app payment, and net banking to make things convenient for them.

Moreover, you must comply with government laws for data security and avoid giving other users admin access.

Keep your software patches updated and deliver on your promise. By following all these tips, you can keep your data protected and away from the eyes of cybercriminals.

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