Culinary Tourism: Indulging in Foods and Drinks While Exploring World

Culinary Tourism: Indulging in Foods and Drinks While Exploring World

Tourism, briefly, is a movement of people from place to place for various purposes.

The primary purposes of all tours and travels is recreation and work.

Whatever the purpose of traveling be, travelers always consider some facets associated with their destinations.

The list of facts can’t discard foods and drinks, enclosed in Culinary Tourism.


Culinary Tourism

Culinary Tourism: Indulging in Foods and Drinks While Exploring World

Culinary tourism is the exploration of world through foods and drinks.

No matter where a traveler eats and drinks, he/she is contributing to culinary tourism.

A pretty restaurant and a giant hotel are not the only contributing constituents to Culinary Tourism.

But, all the small busy food carts and street vendors are also among the contributors to Culinary Tourism.

It contributes 15% to 35% to the total tourism expenses on the basis of cities’ profile.

The food festivals regularly organized in different cities and villages are examples of Culinary Tourism.

Foods and drinks hold culture of a particular place within them.

Noteworthy, locals carry such events in order to promote their places through food.


Culinary Tourism Alliance

Culinary Tourism: Indulging in Foods and Drinks While Exploring World

Culinary Tourism Alliance is the elite organization to look after Culinary Tourism Industry.

It is a not-for-profit organization that formulates the plans required to grow the Culinary Tourism market. It also studies new market possibility.

The Culinary Tourism Alliance commenced their service as an organization in 2011 in Ontario, Canada.

Though this is a Canada based organization it has visions for brighter food tourism for whole world.

Briefly, it implements all the strategies to widen tourism and all of its related facets.



Culinary Tourism Market covers all the foods and drinks oriented aspects.

Therefore, this 3 word phrase is a broad concept and a vast science.

Many researches reveal that 1 out of 4 tourists travel in pursuit of taste.

As a traveler eats at least 3 times a day, it has huge percentage of donation on overall tourism market.


Global Tourism Market 2019-2023

Culinary Tourism: Indulging in Foods and Drinks While Exploring World

In 2019-2023 phase, Culinary Tourism Market hopes to grow by a whopping $82.02 billion.

This calculation is the contribution of both domestic and international market worldwide.

In this 4 year period, the market will be growing at a CAGR of over 9%.

This growth is the consequence of the increasing number of cultural and events worldwide.

Most of the music and art festivals featuring the culinary programs are responsible for its popularity.

Also, food trucks serving the much preferred tastes is another contributing factor for its growth.

The moderately segmented market will have the top contribution of these crown vendors:
• Abercromobie & Kent
• Classic Journeys
• G Adventures
• ITC Travel Group

Europe is set to donate the largest percentage of growth in Tourism Market in this 4 year cycle.

Meanwhile, the market is segmented in these geographical regions:
• Asia-Pacific
• Europe
• North America
• South America

This study also elaborates that the Domestic Culinary Tourism Market will have the most contribution to the total revenue.

It will exceed the International Culinary Tourism Market.

This is due to the familiarity of the local and travel expenses.



Culinary Tourism is ever growing.

While a food destroys your appetite, it also notifies you which culture it belongs to.

It, furthermore, reveals the value of the culture that originated the food you tasted.

World knows some countries by their foods and drinks.

• Europe’s Italy and Spain are the world famous destinations for foodies.

Italy’s pizza and Spain’s paella are the must-order foods when you are there.

Whole of Europe has something unique.

So, you wouldn’t mind tasting food anywhere in Europe.

• Asia-Pacific region has no less to serve. Travelers have many places in their list for food hub.

The spice of India is one of the most popular cuisines.

China has a different but renowned flavor as well.

Meanwhile, we cannot forget Thailand, Japan, Malaysia.

• North America is always there to draw out food lovers’ attention.

Many cities in US alone have been foodies’ traffic for many years.

Additionally, New York, Chicago, Sand Diego, and Los Angeles are among the influencing contributors of US.

Canada have not failed to feature in that list, at the same time.

Due to the extra care of the Culinary Tourism Alliance, Food tourism in Canada is expected to grow even further.

• The top contributions of countries like Morocco, South Africa, Israel, and the Emirates will benefit Culinary Tourism of MEA.

• South America, though mentioned at last, will not end in the least. Chile, Peru, Brazil have always been up there to entertain your tongue with the varieties of tastes on offer.


Culinary Tourism in Nepal

Culinary Tourism: Indulging in Foods and Drinks While Exploring World

Nepal is not among the preferred destinations for only the Culinary Tourism but there is something unique.

Newari foods are always a delightful taste and it is not served elsewhere.

Food culture varies with the geographic regions.

The main food is dal bhat, meanwhile, mo:mo: is getting popular among the visitors.

Lassi, primarily made from curd with other sweet ingredients is not to be missed.

Nepali cuisines are also inspired by the neighborhood Indian and Chinese recipes.

Kathmandu offers you the taste of almost every cities, transforming itself into the food capital.

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