Common mistake people commit post workout session

The last thing that anyone would ever want to do after putting so much of effort in their workout session at the gym or walk on the road that leads to compromising  on the results of the gym workout. No one would ever think about the same in their wildest dream even. Unfortunately, unknowingly many of us out there commit some common post-workout mistakes that tend to limit our overall performance level or inhibit our weight loss success.

Through this post, we shall be discussing some of the common mistakes people commit after a workout session that makes their effort zero at the end of the day.

Skipping meal after a workout

People who are trying to lose those extra pounds often not eat food post-workout. After all, you have worked so hard to lose some calories in the gym so point gaining the same amount of calories by eating? This is what most people think. As per a certified personal trainer who has done fitness trainer course certification, unless you are not feeling hungry you don’t need to have a post-workout snack provided you have done some light workout. On the flip side, you have done more 90 minutes of intensive training then you must have some light post-workout snacks to fuel up your body.

After a long or high-intensity workout, your body needs two macronutrients: carbs (particularly the ones that you can digest quickly for energy) and protein. These are required by the body immediately to replenish your stores of glycogen to ensure you have enough energy to carry out your day to day activities and repair damaged tissues.

Eating more than required

This is another end of the spectrum, wherein people tend to eat more than the required amount of the calories. Many people reach for a huge glass of protein shake or smoothie without realizing that they consuming too many calories and sugar in one go. If you are having protein bars and smoothies, do keep a check on the amount of sugar you are consuming.

Not allowing the body to cool down

Most of the times, people avoid stretching after working out, which is again not good for the body. Instead of going straight into the shower you should first do stretching which allows your body to cool down. As per a certified personal trainer who has done fitness trainer course certification, those people who tend to skip stretching after intense workout session usually experience muscle tenderness, the decreased level of flexibility, and a higher risk of injuries.

Hence, always try to take out round 5–10 minutes after the workout session to do stretching and foam rolling. When you will be doing the same regularly you will see the real difference. However, do ensure that you hold each stretch for about 15–20 seconds, thereby focusing on parts where you are feeling soreness. But, on the flip side, don’t try to stretch too much as by doing so you will end up straining your muscle.

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