Comedian Chris D’Elia Accused of Violating Child Sexual Harassment

Comedian Chris D'Elia
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Comedian Chris D’Elia is accused of violating federal Child sexual harassment and violating child pornography. On March 2, the woman filed the lawsuit claiming he took her virginity.  In 2014, D’Elia had sexual intercourse with her when she was just a 17-year-old high school student. The lawsuit filed in federal district court in Los Angeles on March 2 (Tuesday). The woman who filed the lawsuit- identified as “Jane Doe” alleges that more than 100+ sexually explicit photos and videos sent through Snapchat to him in 2014.


According to the lawyer of Jane Doe, “When she was in a final year of high school.  She groomed as the celebrity twice my age”.

In September 2014 through Instagram, Doe reached out D’Elia were never expecting a reply. At The Comic was “under No Influence” tour at that time later on them communicated through Snapchat.

The Case Filing:

When Jane Doe was 17 years and D’Elia was 34 years, half of the photos and videos taken. In 2014, the comedian invite Jane Doe to one of his stand-up shows at Connecticut’s Foxwoods Resort Casino. Before going on to the stage, the comedian engaged in sexual activities with her.

Doe’s lawyer claim that he lured her to the hotel room, separated her from her friends and even took advantage of her youth and inexperience to have sex with her. She wants to know every girl out there is not alone. It’s time for the justices for the physical and mental toll he has given through.

Demanding for the lawsuit:


Jane Doe is demanding forever a jury trial. However, the comedian denies the accused and looking forwards to defending against the Court. According to him, he never exchanges any such types of photos with any underage women. According to Comedian, “All the relationships have both legal and consensual as well as never exchanged any inappropriate photos with the people who have tweeted about Chris D’Elia.

Previously accused Delia accused by two women of exposing himself in 2011 and in 2018. With their stories, he accused of grooming an underage girl on social media.

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Last year also the comedian D’Elia accused of grooming underage girls. However, He denied it. Since the allegations arose he posted his first video to YouTube last summer. The video entitles “It’s been a while” has more than 1.5 million times viewed.  Since the allegations, firstly he returns to Instagram last week.

Both agencies ( CAA, and management team, 3 Arts Entertainment) drop him as the client. On Feb 19, he released a video statement claiming he need help and “Sex controlled my life”. However, All his relationships have maintained Consensual and Legal.

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