Coca-Cola To Sell Drinks in Paper Bottles


Looks like Coca-Cola is finally going green. After years of being the world’s most polluting brand in plastic waste, Coca-Cola recently announced for selling their beloved beverage in a more sustainable paper bottle. However, initially, they’re starting their going-green journey from Hungary.

This summer, Coca-Cola planed limited product sales to customers by one of Hungary’s fast-growing online retailers (kifli.hu). The company’s Brussels research and development team partnership with Danish company Paboc. The Denish Company is a paper Bottle Company for this project. For this project, the Paper Bottle set the ultimate goal for bottles. i.e “can be recycled as paper”.

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The paper Bottle:

Last year, the bottle prototype design unrevealed in Brussels. However, this summer 2,000 Consumers in Hungary will see experiences the 250 ml paper bottle prototype marking as the first test of a paper bottle innovation. The market trial is to see how packaging performs. and how the consumers react to the news packaging.

In November, Coca-Cola initially announced to plans and develop bottles made of entirely paper. However, the “first trial” bottles of Coco-cola include a thin “plastic liner” under the paper shell and also include a plastic cap. The plastic cap is also as recyclable as the plastic cover that holds the drink. The Outer part of a Coco-Cola design to resist oxygen, carbon dioxide, and liquids.


The entirely paper bottle elements will be made of recycled plastic. Still, the company working on the logistics of using paper bottles with carbonated beverages. (According to Company)

The Objectives:

The Brussels-based research and development team and the Danish company working on these projects with an ultimate goal for a bottle, to recycle as paper. The company’s goal is to create a 100% recycle plastic-free bottle and also preventing gas from escaping the carbonated drinks.

However, Coca-Cola Company has set an ambitious goal with a strategy for “Zero waste”. The collect Can and bottle are sells by 2030. So that it can be recycled and make World without Waste (Zero Waste). So if you are exploring innovative packaging solutions that contribute to a sustainable circular economy.

Last year by Charity group Break Free plastic, “Coco-Cola ranked as the World’s number one plastic polluter”. Now by 2030, Coco-Cola has set a goal for producing Zero waste.

Zero waste:


Every year, about 9 million tons of plastic waste flows from beaches, rivers, and streams into oceans. The ocean creatures affect or it may cause ocean creatures to swallow large amounts of plastic.

That’s why Coca-Cola’s turn towards recycling paper. Or it may be in future all kinds of drink from paper bottles. Who knows?

The first trial of a Coco-Cola bottle is expected to be released this summer in Hungary. In this way, the company able to measure the performance of the bottle and people’s response to a new packaging format.