Are Chinese Hospitals Hiding a Big Secret?

chinese hospitals secret

We trust hospitals and doctors with our lives. Miracles happen every day in hospitals along with tragedies.

Hospitals are generally places where you can safely and securely get treatments. But, us, the general public is usually unaware of what goes behind the curtain.

Same is the case with Chinese hospitals and prison system.

Apparently, the hospitals and prison system in China are hiding a really big secret from everyone.

A secret that questions humanity and proves that no matter what people’s belief is, the power of the authority is greater.


What is happening in Chinese Hospitals?

If you were in a need of an organ and you received a transplant in China, chances are, you might have an organ harvested from an executed Chinese prisoner.

Reports from years claim that after a shortage of organ supply, there were illegal organ trafficking going on in China.

And the organs in question comes from “prisoners of conscience” that were arrested for their different religious and political beliefs.

It’s said that they’re executed illegally and their organs are taken from them against their will.

chinese hospitals secret

A number of doctors have, over the past two decades, came out and talked about the horrors they had to endure.

Removing parts like the skin, heart, lungs, cornea, etc. of hundreds of executed prisoners (victims of intentionally botched executions) is what all these doctors have gone through to fulfill the increasing demands.

And the way they do it is more horrific than it sounds.

According to one of the testimonies, the doctors inject the prisoners with a shot that causes heart failure.

While the heart stops beating, the brain is still functioning. Yet, they’re pushed into the operating rooms and have their organs removed.

After the removal of their organs, the only thing left behind is the bones and flesh. It is then thrown into the boiler room at the hospitals.


Is illegal organ trafficking still in practice?

While the Chinese government insists that the practice ended in 2015, the statistics say otherwise.

They have openly admitted that organ harvesting of the executed prisoners existed in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Chinese government has always been suspicious of releasing the official statistics about the number of organ transplants or the number of executions.

But a number of investigations carried out by NGOs and journalists confirm that the numbers don’t add up.

The number of executions and the number of organs taken from the prisoners still remain a “state secret”. And that the transplant volume is significantly more than the given number.

Another report states that China’s claims of reform are highly questionable as they’ve found systematic falsification and manipulation of data of the legal organ donation and transplant.


On-Demand Organs.

illegal organ transplant in china

Legal organ donations take months and sometimes years to happen. It’s usually a waiting game as patients have to wait for a long time for a donor’s organ to be available.

Whereas in China, it can be a matter of just weeks to receive a phone call saying the organ is ready for transplantation.

Even more surprising thing is the fact you can book a transplant appointment for a few weeks time.

So, it clearly proves that the on-demand system still gives place to on-demand executions and get a “fresh” organ for a patient.


Who are the people that are executed?

The prisoners in question are usually the “prisoners of conscience” that have a different political and religious belief.

Minority groups such as the Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists, and Uyghurs fall victim in the process.

But the biggest victims are the Falun Gong which is the second-largest faith community in China with over 70 million followers.

Normally, it is a peaceful community that teaches it’s followers mindfulness, meditation, and exercise for “self-cultivation” purposes.

As a matter of fact, non-violence is their major practice.

However, the Chinese Communist Party have declared it as a dangerous cult. Therefore are mostly subjected to imprisonment, torture, widespread surveillance, and execution without a trail.

They don’t smoke or drink alcohol and exercise a lot. So, the Falun Gong are the perfect victims.

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