Cheese Rolling Game: The Most Stupid Game Ever?

Cheese rolling game: The most stupid game ever?

Don’t worry if you see a bunch of people stumbling down a steep hill injuring themselves. Because as the name says “Cheese Rolling Game”, that’s exactly how this sport is played. Amateurs may think that this is the most stupid game they have ever heard of or seen. But this local game is quite popular and dearly loved in the countryside of England, Gloucester.

This 200-yard race is organized at the popular Cooper’s hill. Despite the game’s disclaimer “Play at your own risk”, a large number of people play this game taking all the risk speeding at 70 miles per hour.

How did the game start?

Cheese rolling game: The most stupid game ever?
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There is no exact origin behind this game. However, there are a couple of theories of how this game began. Firstly, the game first started in 1826 AD to form a requirement for maintaining grazing rights on the common. Secondly, bundles of items like wood, buns, and biscuits were rolled down the hill to represent the birth of the new year and a fresh start.

This old game now draws attention from people all around the world. They come either to play this strange game or to witness.

How is this game played?

The cheese rolling game is an interesting game with obscure rules. This game is hosted every spring. A group of people about 10 to 40people line up at the top of the hill. The host rolls down the 8-pound of cheese wheel from the top of the hill. And the players chase it till the bottom of the hill. The first person to reach the finish line gets to keep the cheese as their prize. As the speed of the rolling cheese ascends, it becomes pretty much difficult to chase it. It’s a fun game to watch but rather struggling to play. Almost 33 people out of 100 people get injured playing this game.

Chris is the most decorated player of this game, winning almost 21 games till now. He says that “The reason I find this sport so appealing is due to the fact that running down Cooper’s Hill is the best 15 seconds of your life you are ever going to experience. And the feeling of winning this competition is just the greatest thing you’ll ever experience in your life, and this goes to prove you don’t need a prize to enjoy something.”

Summing up

No matter how weird or obscure this game might look. What makes this game more special is local people thriving to preserve it and enjoy it. Despite so many injuries, players return back every spring to play this stupid yet amusing game.

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