Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

They say that the face is the index of the mind. Anything that goes inside our body and mind, the face is the first reflector.

You’re going through a bad break up and haven’t slept all night? You baggy eyes show it perfectly.

You’re eating unhealthy food? The pimples around your nose and brows are a clear indication.

Different areas of the face are linked to different parts of the body and breaking out there means you’re having internal problems.

So, in order to make your face looking healthy and glowing, it’s important you adopt a skincare routine. The earlier you start, the better.

Sure, everyone tells you to drink water and moisturize your skin, which probably is the best advice you can take up.

But sometimes just drinking water and moisturizing is not enough.

To tell you the truth skincare can be rather expensive. Especially if you’re looking for the best products with the best result.

After all, you can’t live with sample products all your life, can you?

Even if you’re not a beauty enthusiast, taking care of your skin will never really hurt you.

In fact, taking care of it will keep your skin healthy, glowing, and youthful all your life.

Here are some cheap ways to upgrade your skincare routine.

Change your pillow covers more often.

Have you ever been in a situation where there is a new zit around your cheek every other day?

And even after applying every trick in the book, it just won’t leave you?

Then instead of your face, it’s time you clean up the mess around you.

Trying cleaning out your pillowcases where you lay your head every night, every once in a while.

There are so many harmful germs and bacteria in your pillowcases that makes skin vulnerable to breaking out.

Also, make sure the fabric isn’t too harsh and so is the detergent you use.

Another best way to reduce acne around your cheek is cleaning the screen of your dear mobile phone.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much bacteria there is on the screens. And how easily it transfers to your skin and make it acne-prone.

Another easy way to avoid acne is by cleaning out your brushes and beauty blenders.

So, remember to clean your mess before you put your face forward.

DO NOT touch your face.

Did you see me putting so much stress on the “Do Not” because, seriously, stop touching your face?

God knows where those filthy fingers have been and touching your face regularly can only mean trouble.

Touching your face on a regular can make your face acne-prone thanks to all bacteria sticking around it.

Make sure to wash your hands as much as you can and also use hand sanitizers more often.

And again, stop touching your face. This is clearly the cheapest way to keep your skin clean because you don’t need any product.

Petroleum Jelly to the rescue.

Vaseline is probably one of the most versatile product you can pick up at a drug store.

The amount of benefits it provides is seriously insane.

Got a chapped lip? Put on some petroleum jelly. Dry skin needs moisturizing? Moisturize with some petroleum jelly.

Got minor burns or scraped your skin? Don’t even worry and put on some petroleum jelly.

Other benefits of the most coveted petroleum jelly include removing makeup, getting rid of split ends, and preventing rashes.

It even helps in growing your eyelashes and making a perfume last longer.

Cotton Bud is your best friend.

Initially, cotton buds or swabs were used to clean your ear. But after finding out that it’s probably the worst way to clean your ears, it basically became useless for most people.

Not so fast.

There are more uses of a humble cotton swab than you can possibly imagine.

It is the best correcting tool you could use, especially in those hard to reach areas.

You can clean up your messy eyeliner or eyeshadow, fill your eyebrows, remove makeup from hard to reach areas, and outline your lips.

You can use it as a tool for spot treatments to get rid of the acne around your face and body.

Dip the swab into your favorite perfume and apply it around your pressure points and smell wonderful all day long.

Use a cold spoon to eliminate puffy eyes.

Puffy eyes can be a bummer. It will clearly show that you haven’t been sleeping well.

And if you don’t know, sleep is the most important factor to having healthy skin.

Applying concealers and corrector is just not enough to hide the puffiness.

An eye mask would be a perfect choice, but let’s be frank, it’s not always that cheap.

Plus it might take a while before the eye mask gets to work.

So, what you can do is swap a cold spoon for an expensive eye mask.

Put a regular spoon on the fridge overnight. Take it out in the morning and directly place it under your puffy eyes.

The cold will decrease the puffiness and will give the illusion that you’re not sleep-deprived at all.

Refrigerate your skincare products.

Do you want your skincare products to work even better than usual? Then go ahead and stuff them into your fridge.

Yes, I know a refrigerator is used to store food items to preserve them. But hey, what’s wrong with a little multitasking eh?

Keeping your skincare products like eye cream/mask, face mask, moisturizers, night cream, etc.

It keeps them cooler, thus, making it more effective in the skin.

Less is more.

We see celebrities showing off their amazingly glowing skin and wish for ours to be the same.

But the products they use are most of the times out of our budgets.

So, the best thing to do is to go to your nearest drug store and stack up on affordable skincare products.

But one thing to remember is don’t do too much with your skincare. When it comes to skincare routine less is more.

You don’t have to lather your face in five different kinds of face oils, serums, and whatnot.

A short and simple on-the-regular skincare routine can go a long way.

But don’t ever skip moisturizers and sun protection creams. They should be your first priority when it comes to skincare.

Also, a good and healthy diet and plenty of water do a miracle to your skin and overall health.

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