Challenges Writers Face in their Career

Challenges Writers Face in their Career

As easy and lightly as people take it, writing can be really hard. And the pressure can take a toll on both your physical and mental well being.

However, nothing tops the satisfaction that comes with good writing.

Writing is a mere example of the saying “practice makes a man perfect”.

Because, honestly, the more you write the better you get.

And one very important thing to consider while writing is criticism.

Constructive criticism is probably one of the best ways to better yourself.

Writing can be a really fun and interesting career path as it opens up your mind to different possibilities.

Along with the pleasure of writing, you get to learn about things you never knew and broaden your knowledge.

Another major advantage of writing is how you can speak your mind while putting it all on paper.

But there are days in a professional writer’s life where things just don’t go right.

It’s either the people that mess with their head, or it’s their head itself that messes with them.

Just looking at it from a nonwriter’s perspective, writing is a piece of cake. And the cherry on top is the recognition writers get for their work.

However, they don’t get to experience the turmoil that goes on inside a writer’s head and their lives.

Here are 8 challenges writers face in their career.

Lack of Confidence.

It’s very important for a writer to know what they’re writing about and how will it affect their readers.

It’s also important for them to know and understand the subject matter they’re working on.

But it’s not the same every day. There are times when a writer loses all their hopes and confidence.

It’s important for a writer to know what they’re doing and what they have to offer to the clients.

In addition to your work, confidence should also spark in knowing your worth.

You shouldn’t be going around working for free or lower rates just because people think it’s “just writing”.

So, as a writer, learn how to value your craft and be confident in not just your work but also your worth.

Lack of Ideas.

Lack of Ideas

In an ocean of content, there still are times when a writer feels lost.

Even though you’re sure about a certain article, you just don’t have enough ideas to make it perfect.

Perfectionism exists inside every writer. And it is that perfectionism that sometimes can wreck a writer’s mind.

There are also times when the ideas are overflowing and you just don’t know how to utilize it.

But more frustrating than the overflow of ideas is the lack thereof.

The best way to get over this challenge is keeping an open mind.

Reading things you’ve never read even if it’s tiresome, and plenty of researching on topics may help overcome the problem.

Writer’s Block.

One of the biggest problems any writer, no matter the level of professionalism, faces is the writer’s block.

No matter how hard one tries, they just aren’t able to write. And writer’s block isn’t about having a lack of ideas or confidence.

It’s more to do with your mental ability to be able to write.

You’re just not in the mood. And it can take a toll on your mental health if you don’t try to get out of it sooner.

To get out of writer’s block, you need to surround yourself with people or things that spark your creative mind.

Search for inspiration even on the tiniest of things. Read books, go on trips, and most importantly keep an open mind, free of negativity.

Difficult Workplace.

Difficult Workplace

Creativity can only nurture when the place you are in is easy and flexible.

And if you’re a writer that works in an office, it’s very important that your workplace gives out positive vibes.

Since writing is a creative job, making a writer work inside a box while expecting them to think outside of it isn’t right.

A difficult and non-flexible workplace can be stressful for a writer as they won’t fully be able to bring out the best in them.

Their creativity might decrease that will have a direct relation to their productivity.

Financial Problem.

People, especially non-writers take writing very lightly. Most people have a perception that writing comes easy and anyone can do it.

That’s why whenever they hire writers, they think that it comes cheap.

Writers face a lot of problems financially because of a lot of reasons.

Finding a decent paying writing job can be really hard. And even if a company pays well, the amount of work a writer has to do can be frustrating.

There are also times when people don’t pay you out for the work a writer does. Or they undermine the work they do.

Freelancing sometimes can make it up, but it also has its own challenges.



A writer’s lifestyle can either be amazing or absolutely devastating.

Writers have the ability to connect with things non-writers can’t easily do.

It can take you to places and let you see the world from many perspectives.

But it can also become tiring, especially when there are too much work and too little time.

The hectic schedule can mess up the way you usually live. From your diet to your social skills, everything can be hampered.

The stress can push you towards isolating yourself from people and situations.

Thus, being a writer, it’s very important that you take care of yourself.

Go out, hang out with like-minded people, and don’t let the negativity change the way you live.

Difficult Clients.

As mentioned earlier, many people, especially non-writers take writing very easily.

That is why most of them don’t understand how hard it is to come up with good content that is relatable to most.

Some clients can be understanding and would consider any delays if absolutely necessary.

However, there are clients who are really hard to deal with. From endless demands to nagging during payment, these are some common problems writers face through their clients.

Emotional Breakdown.

Emotional Breakdown

Writing can be emotionally difficult, especially when you’re too anxious about your work and people’s criticism.

While criticism is the best way you can improve yourself as a writer, but not everyone is the same.

Most writers find it hard to sustain themselves for being too doubtful of their own work.

Perfectionism can be a good thing, but trying too hard to be perfect might wreck your confidence and increase self-doubt.

All these factors can negatively impact a writer forcing them to have emotional breakdowns time and again.

This leads to writers always having a lingering feeling whether they’re good enough. Or if their writing is as good as others.

Try relaxing if you ever feel worthless while writing. You need to believe in yourself, have patience, and practice as much as you can to be better.

Emotional breakdowns can be hard and sometimes unavoidable, but you can still keep a positive attitude and always value your work and worth.

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