Celebrities and their Hidden Talents

While we know celebrities for being famous for their own craft. Some are known for being great actors, singers, directors, and what not.

Whereas some are famous just for being famous if you know what I’m talking about.

But what we initially know is that they are famous for doing a particular thing. And for the rest of their life, they’ll be known for the same.

However, we don’t know celebrities all the way. Their life must be public but that doesn’t mean we know every detail about their personal life.

After all, they are humans too and have all the rights to live a private life.

So, when people that are not celebrities can do so much in their life from working 9-5 to balancing a side job or a hobby, why can’t celebrity do the same?

Celebrities have so many hidden talents that we tend to ignore because they’re not known for it.

For starters, did you know that supermodel Kendall Jenner could make bird noises? Well, now you know.

Similarly, there are so many other celebrities from many different fields of living with impressive hidden talents.

Here are 8 celebrities and their hidden talents.

Angelina Jolie.

We know Angelina Jolie for being a fierce actor and kicking some serious butt on screen.

And off-screen she is a humanitarian, environmentalist, and a mother of six children.

But little does anyone know that she is a master knife thrower.

Well, we can already imagine her doing daredevil stuff as she plays such characters in her movies.

Joile apparently learned the art of throwing knives while on the set of Tomb Raider.

Mark Ruffalo.

While he isn’t beating up bad guys and saving the universe as Hulk, Mark Ruffalo goes around teaching people how to keep balance.

Mark Ruffalo in addition to being an amazing actor is also a unicyclist.

And he proved it by riding a unicycle on a TV show.

Conan O’Brien.

We all know Conan O’Brien for hosting a talk show and interviewing fellow celebrities.

Sometimes he goes around doing stupid things for television like smoke weed and drive around.

But one of his hidden talents is tap dancing.

Aaron Paul.

Aaron Paul is known for his amazing actor and also using the b-word a little too much on Breaking Bad.

But this Emmy award-winning star has a hidden talent we’d love him more for.

Apparently, Paul has the ability to find out the sex of a dog by just petting its back.

Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan is a legend when it comes to music. He is best known for his folksy tunes and amazing musicality.

But one other thing Bob Dylan is a legend at is iron sculpting.

He is so good at his craft that he apparently has shown off his arts at many galleries in New York City.

Pierce Brosnan.

Pierce Brosnan is probably known best for portraying the British Secret Service agent James Bond.

But did you all know he was a real-life bad boy?

Brosnan used to perform as a fire-eater. And his reason for trying out the sport was getting to see topless women.

Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum is a well-known supermodel and a judge and host of Project Runway.

She is also known for committing really well for her Halloween costumes.

But one thing a lot of people know about the model is her talent of yodeling.

Christopher Walken.

When we watch Christopher Walken acting in a movie, it almost feels like he is the character in real life. He is that good.

But there are other things this Academy Award-winning actor does as good as acting.

He is a lion-tamer who has been doing so since the age of 16.

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