Causes of Rising Depression in Teenagers

depression in teenagers

Mental health is one of those things that is rarely discussed or taken seriously in our society.

People are ashamed to admit that they are going through some serious problems. And they’d rather lose their lives than getting help.

Depression is especially rising and thriving amongst teenagers worldwide. A lot of them are going through this complex situation yet are unknown about it.

Or they’re simply ignored for the fact that they are in fact, teenagers. It’s just hormones, one might say.

But ignoring the very basic symptoms of depression can hamper a teenager’s life in the long run.

It’s easy to mistake depression symptoms in a teenager with hormonal imbalance or by simply calling it a phase. But one in every six people aged 10-19 suffer from depression.

It’s also important to know that half of every mental health condition starts at the age of 14.

Depression is globally one of the leading causes of illness and disability among teenagers and adolescents.

Depression in teenagers is rising every day. Mental health conditions account to 16% of the global burden of disease and injury among children from 10-19.

And suicide due to depression is the third leading cause of death in 15-19-year-olds. And 2-3 percent of children aged 6-12 have serious depression.

While the number of depressed teens is rising, the ones that are treated are still questionable. Almost 60% of adolescents with depression don’t receive any kind of treatment.

Major Causes of Rising Depression in Teenagers.

Depression isn’t something to take lightly or ignore. Teenagers can go through a lot in such a little time and we can’t wash out their problems saying it’s just a phase.

There are some major things that trigger depression in teenagers that are discussed below.

Busy and Hectic Life.

depression in teenagers

As adults, it’s easier for us to ignore the fact that teenagers are children too. They barely know how the world works and how difficult living can be sometimes.

Yet, we go ahead and basically order them to act like a grown up when they’re not really ready. The life of a teenager gets piled up with all the expectations the society plant their way.

And instead of living a normal life and gaining experiences to live a better one, they’re caught up in a busy and hectic life schedule.

Schools, assignments, tests, college, relationships, and everything in between. It’s like they’re stuck in a Ferris wheel and it’ll never stop rotating.

Too much Pressure.

At such an early age, children have to fight a war, come out victorious, and keep everyone around them happy and satisfied. All the while, forgetting how important their lives are.

You might easily identify a depressed teen. However, it’s harder to find the exact cause of why is he/she depressed.

Perhaps, it’s the constant pressure they feel every day. Their family pressurizes them to be responsible for almost everything.

They get pressure in schools to know about things they’re barely interested. And they have additional societal pressures.

And all these factors are only fueling the fire of an already depressed teen.

Social Isolation.

A depressed teen is very much likely to isolate themselves from people. The comfort of their bed is far more batter than any social gathering.

They’d rather lock themselves in their rooms and talk online than go out and have an actual conversation with people.

Teenagers are depriving themselves of a physical interaction with other people which adds up to their loneliness.

Hence, the rate of depression increases with increased closed doors of a teenager.

Social Media.

social media depression

Depression has become a real trend in social media. While some people really have it, some just pretend to be depressed to gain attention.

But whatever it is, social media is one major reason why teenagers are more depressed these days.

It sets out wrong examples to the teenagers by giving them false hopes, promoting fakeness, and setting impossible standards.

And failing to maintain the standard, teens feel hopeless and worthless that ultimately changes into depression.

Lack of Sleep.

Night owls are considered smart; however, lack of sleep can ruin one’s health in a very bad way.

All the pressure and burden forces a teenager to stay up all night. They’re either up finishing their assignments or crying over why things aren’t going right.

Whatever it is, lack of sleep can really mess up the hormones inside a teenager’s body and increase their depression and other mental conditions.

Without proper rest, they tend to develop several severe symptoms of depression.

Other Causes of Depression.

While the above factors are the causes of the rising amount of teenage depression cases, there are other factors that add up to it.

Depression in a teen is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental factors.

That means you can have depression if any of your blood relatives suffer from it.

depression in teenagers

Any major life-changing event can also push you towards depression. Especially if you’re not very fond of changes and can’t deal with it well.

A teenager suffers from depression if he/she experiences any traumas or stress like the death of certain people, abuses, and bullying.

All these problems can lead a teenager to take up drugs and alcohol that amounts to a depression.

Symptoms of Depression in a Teenager.

Depression might be somewhat common these days, but sometimes people fail to recognize it. Especially if the patient in question is a teenager.

The signs and symptoms of a depressed teen are easily mistaken for teenage traits and hormonal changes.

But there are several things that show a clear sign of depression in teenagers. And it’s up to the closed ones to figure it out.

Here are some of the major symptoms a depressed teen might possess.

  • It’s difficult for them to concentrate or focus.
  • It’s difficult for them to make decisions and they feel stuck.
  • They feel fatigued and constantly complain about having headaches, stomachaches, back pain, etc.
  • They might be very irresponsible and avoid responsibilities.
  • They’ll lose interest even from the things that were once their favorite.
  • They’re constantly sad and hopeless and have anxiety.
  • They get suicidal thoughts.
  • Teenagers tend to stay up all night and be restless and sleep all day.
  • They might turn to drugs and alcohol and make it a habit.
  • They might rebel and have a constant argument with the elders.
  • Little things irritate them.
  • They might stop hanging out with their friends and lock themselves in their room and spend most of their time napping or doing nothing.

How to Control Depression from Rising.

Most of the times it’s hard for people to talk about their mental health out in the public. Whether it’s a child, a teenager, an adolescent, or a mature person, mental health is a major issue.

It’s an issue that is normally considered a weakness and ignored. But it is actually something that needs a lot of attention. Not only from the people who have it but also from everyone no matter the relation.

And instead of ignoring the fact that your teenager child has depression, take them to the psychiatrist and help them out.

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